Must-Have Women’s Makeup Products For Winter

by Carter Toni

With winter around the corner, it is time to update your makeup arsenal with hydrating and moisturizing essentials that your skin will need every time you doll up. Dry & flaky skin, rough patches, cracks and chapped lips are common skin concerns that everyone experiences during winters and with that in mind, makeup becomes the most troublesome thing to do.

But this winter season, it will be easy-peasy for you to look beautiful with your hydrated and smooth skin using the products we have picked for you. These products will let your confidence speak louder than ever before and you will surely be able to enjoy the cold breeze a little more.

Winter Makeup Products That You Should Not Miss

It is possible to enjoy wearing makeup and keeping your skin healthy in winter. So, get these must-have products to keep that makeup enthusiast inside you happy and alive.



Applying a primer is like a ritual to start your makeup with. It creates a smooth platform for your makeup and makes it long lasting. Primers are appliedunderneath moisturizer, eyeshadow andfoundation to enhance your makeup coverage as well. For a seamless makeup look in winters, we recommend using a hydrating and nourishing primer that helps make a perfect base for your foundation to glide on easily. It further works wonders to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to prevent your makeup from cracking, then all you need is one hydrating primer that feeds your skin exactly what it craves for!

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Foundation is a product that helps create an even skin tone and serves as a base for your makeup. Hence, you have to be extra careful while choosing the right one according to your skin tone and type. Whenever you plan on wearing a foundationduring winters, opt for a creamy, liquid or oil-infused formula because it combats dry skin and gives it a much needed nourishment. Powder or stick foundations dry the skin easily and end up making your skin look dull and textured. You may experience a hard time blending them into your skin whereas liquid foundations blend effortlessly and give a second skin feel.



A lipstick is an all-timebest friend we can’t live without. A simple glide and you are ready to slay. However, choosing a lipstick during winter puts us in a complicated situation. One cannot go for matte lipsticks as winters demand for extra hydration and nourishment for your lips. The chapped and cracked lips scream for moisture and dewiness. So, a creamy or semi-matte lipstick is a win-win to nourish your lips and offer an intense payoff that stays fresh for long.



Our eyes are surrounded by delicate skin that tends to become more sensitive during winter but some eyeliners can make it worse. So, this winter season, ensure that your eyelids don’t dry up. Pick an eyeliner containing a hydrating ingredient to save your eyelids from turning red. You will needan eyeliner that glides smoothly on the lids and gives a finished look effortlessly.

When it comes to achieving a flawless makeup look, we often focus on the eyes, lips, and cheeks, but forget about the eyebrows. However, the right eyebrow shape can make all the difference in highlighting your features and bringing balance to your face. This is where the eyebrow shapes guide from Lilac St. comes in handy. With this guide, you can easily determine the best eyebrow shape for your face type, whether you have a round, square, heart-shaped, or oval face. Not only will this guide help you achieve a polished look, but it will also save you from the frustration of trying different shapes that just don’t work for you. Don’t underestimate the power of well-groomed eyebrows, and let Lilac St.’s eyebrow shapes guide be your go-to tool for achieving the perfect shape for your face.


Update your makeup collection with these must-have winter makeup products and get ready to look the best of the lot. We bet with these products, makeup during winters will not be a matter of concern for you anymore. You will surely ease into the season without worrying about your skin health and get the best makeup experience ever. So, don’t wait and leave your people stunned looking at your hydrated and nourished skin with insanely perfect makeup look using the products listed above.

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