5 Strategies To Outrank Your Competitors On Google

by Carter Toni

The invention of the internet and advancements in technologies have affected how customers shop for products or services. For instance, today, most clients start their search online anytime they want to find businesses. However, that brings about high competition among companies with similar or identical offerings. So, how can you ensure you outrank your competition on Google? You can achieve that by implementing the following strategies.

1. Build Backlinks

The first and one of the most effective strategies to ensure you outrank your competitors on google is to build backlinks. It involves linking your site to another with an anchor text and allows users to find more information about your articles or content.

You must also understand that customers always search for credible brands. For that reason, you must find effective ways to ensure people trust your business. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by building backlinks.

Building backlinks can help you to overcome online competition in many ways. For instance, it helps attract more prospects from referral sites. As a result, your brand becomes more visible online. Therefore, when customers search for products or services related to your firm, they’ll likely find you.

With backlinks, your website will rank high or become more visible. As a result, customers will trust your products or services, which ensures you outrank your competitors on google. But you must find backlinks from authoritative websites or reputable publishers. You can get more info here or any other similar resource to ensure you establish an effective backlinking strategy.

2. Publish Authoritative Content Online

Content is one of the backbones of online marketing and plays a critical role in Google searches. It involves any materials you publish on your business platforms and includes images, blogs, and videos.

One of the reasons you’d want to publish content online is to enable target customers to engage with your website. However, you must publish authoritative content. In other words, consumers must find helpful information in the material you post online.

Additionally, your content should be of high quality. For instance, ensure videos are audible enough, and photos are attractive. And when it comes to blogs, make sure they’re free from grammar and spelling mistakes.

The best way to start creating the best content is to know what problems your prospects are striving to solve. You can achieve that by interviewing your current or target customers, studying your competitors’ content, and using specific software to help identify the best subjects to discuss in your niche. All these ensure you provide useful information in your content to connect with more people, thus outranking your competitors on Google.

3. Utilize The Right Keywords In Your Content

Publishing authoritative content is necessary to help drive traffic to your site. However, that alone might not be effective enough to help outrank your competitors on Google. You also need to go the extra mile and utilize the right keywords.

Your content will rank high with the best keywords, and many people will consume it. That enhances your brand visibility and helps you outrank your competitors on Google.

While that’s the case, sometimes it can be challenging to determine the right keywords for your content. But the good news is that there are various techniques you can employ to streamline the process. For instance, other firms in your industry have already ranked high. Therefore, you can check their content to know which keywords they included.

You can also use keyword analysis software to help with keyword searches. But whichever is the case, ensure you optimize your online materials for the right keywords.

4. Encourage Existing Customers To Write Reviews About You

Online review plays a critical role in marketing since most customers consider reviews before making their purchase decision. The more positive reviews your business has, the higher the chances of generating more new leads and sales. For that reason, encourage clients to write your reviews.

But although your objective is to get many positive reviews, you may also get a few negative ones. And when that happens, ensure you find effective ways to address such negative criticisms. The idea here is to build an established positive reputation for customers to trust you. And that helps you to outrank your competitors on Google.

5. Boost The Speed Of Your Website

Google users like speed. But it’s surprising to note that most business websites take ages to display the required information. Many people will abandon your site if it’s slow. For that reason, ensure you make your website insanely fast.

There are several ways of ensuring your site load information faster. These include reducing Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests, using asynchronous loading for JavaScript files, deferring JavaScript loading, minimizing server response time, selecting the right hosting solution, and compressing your files.


Finding effective ways to outrank your competitors on google is one of the best ways to ensure your company remains operational for the foreseeable future. That’s true since it helps you generate more leads, which translates to great revenue and sales. You can implement the strategies above to outrank your competitors on Google.

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