My Workout Experience Over the Last Year

by Carter Toni

Important Workouts I Used as a Beginner

Nobody tells you how daunting it is to be a gym beginner; regardless of how hard you try to avoid the pain; you’re bound to get your money’s worth! Personally speaking, I was able to push through my beginner’s hump because so many people I knew were healthier and in much better shape than I was, and my feelings of inadequacy inspired me to stick with a routine even when, after weeks of hard work, I noticed very few changes.

I also reminded myself, when the doubt struck, of that old Marines motto: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” Slowly but surely, my goal became to improve myself regardless of results, and to make my way through each workout with strong senses of purpose and resolution. The routine I began with was simple, incorporating lighter weights and form-focused movements, and has gradually become more involved.

Some of the best workouts I did as a beginner included the barbell hip bridge, the dumbbell lunge, and the floor press.

Barbell Hip Bridge

This is an excellent exercise for the glutes, and also helps to stretch the back. The movement itself is neither aggressive nor difficult, so anybody can do it.

The barbell hip bridge also corrects poor posture and can even straighten the spine. At first, it was somewhat uncomfortable, but this was because I wasn’t used to sculpting the targeted areas; after a few sessions, I got used to it.

It’s important to start the barbell hip bridge with lighter weights; in fact, I started without using the bar to perfect my form, then added it once I felt secure. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself!

Dumbbell Lunge

This targets the glutes, the quads, the hips, and the hamstrings. It’s also an effective fat burner, as it demands excellent form and precise movements. I recommend first lunging without the dumbbell, then adding weight once you’re comfortable. You’ll be amazed by how much your balance and lower-body strength improves!

Floor Press

The floor press is a perfect routine for the upper body, as it targets the chest, the shoulders, the deltoids, and the triceps all at once. I suggest starting with 10-pound dumbbells and adding 5 pounds every few sessions to steadily increase the challenge.

What I like most about this exercise is that you won’t overextend your muscles when you bring your arms down, as is sometimes the case with bench pressing. This means you’re far less likely to injure yourself!

My More Advanced Routine

Over time, my body got used to the beginner routine, which meant that it was time to graduate to something more challenging.

I started going to CrossFit for cardio and implemented squat presses for my legs and shoulders. I also decided to take fewer breaks during my workouts, instead opting to do lighter exercises, like sit-ups, during my would-be downtime.

Increasing Weights and Breaking the Plateau

Eventually, I hit a plateau, and needed to up the ante. So, one day, I added even more weight to my barbell, hoping it would encourage muscle growth, but my renewed effort didn’t do much.

Now, I’m at a point where I don’t want to put in more work, yet I’m not content with how I look. This is why I’ve started researching CoolSculpting. My belly fat has long overstayed its welcome, and it’s time for it to go away—permanently. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells and destroys them for good. Best of all, it’s a non-surgical procedure, so I won’t have to fret about scary scalpels and long recovery times!

I scheduled my first session a month ago, and it turned out great—I look more toned than ever! I can’t express how much I’m looking forward to conquering my limitations.

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