Proven Lead Generation Strategies (Contd..)

by Manisha Rao

In the previous article, we talked about what is lead generation, how important is it and few strategies by which we can generate good leads. While summing up, I wrote I will continue this article. So, let’s look what could be lead generation strategies.

Lead Generation Customers

1. Focus on capturing the leads

For capturing the leads, consider having a special form or a dedicated landing page. That form will let you have a better chance of getting a conversion.

Below mentioned are some of the tricks to consider while creating a form:

  • The length of the form length must be apt. Find a middle ground because a form that is too short might mean anyone and everyone signs up and if the form is too long there is a risk of abandonment. Remember, nobody wants to spend much time in filling the form as be straight and to the point.
  • The form must contain a question or two to be known as lead qualifying fields. It will allow you to pick out and focus on your top leads. You need to add something in the form that will help you to determine how likely a visitor is going to become a customer.
  • The field of the form must start with all the basics. This will let you able to communicate with them in the future. This must include the name and email and few other key details like business industry, role at the company, a company website, etc.
  • Last but not the least, you should mention your privacy policy or terms & conditions. People must be sure that you are not going to share their information with others. Privacy is huge!

2. Webinars, Live Chats and Hangouts

One of the cost-effective methods that has been proven successful for all is webinars. It is so easy, all you have to do is to choose a topic which is relevant to audience and up to the current trends and then invite a few of our technology partners to join. Webinars are a great way to create value for industry related people and give audience about the introduction of a company. Apart from Webinars, there are also another ways to attract potential customers. And, you can do it by conducting a Twitter Chat or create a Google Hangout on a topic, which connects with the requirements of target audience. However, while conducting a live Twitter Chat or Google Hangout, it is very important to respond to the questions quickly and offer participants with contact information so that can get in touch with you.

Here are some ways to sell during the webinar:

a) Welcome questions: For each webinar that you are going to host, leave up at least half an hour for questions. This is among the best ways to tell participants that you care about them. This process will let you create a stronger bond, which will lead to more competent sales and clients in the future.

b) Value is important: Be it hosting a webinar or writing a blog post or addressing at an event, offer perceptible help before requesting for the sale. Make sure to educate your participants and using different methodologies like storytelling to engage them. By doing this, you can draw in your potential customer – and, hopefully, keep them.

c) Set up a poll: Polls improves the customer engagement and satisfaction. Set up a poll for more successful lead generation.

3. Perfect landing pages with ease of action

Landing page has always been a hot performer. It is the landing page that helps people genuinely who want to know what a company does. Any business can do this, be it an architects, dentists, plumbers, a small business man or anyone else. We all know that homepage receives the most visits and if anyone has been promoting the site actively, their homepage will be getting visitors from various sources such as social media sites, referring sites, search engines and many more. The landing page must be optimized correctly to make sure visitors stay for long and keep coming back. An ideal landing page will not only attract leads for you but it will also lower the bounce rates and provide you with high-return visitor rates. Lead-generation landing pages have specific purpose in improving conversion rates and extending the marketing offers.

4. Effective Advertising

Advertising with proper content can boost your Quality Score. When you are doing advertising, it should nothing be less than a salesmanship in print. Your advertisement must do the same job that a top sales person would have done face to face. Honestly, there are hundreds of effective ways of using advertising. Which could help your business grow. Some of the ways are advertising only on the sources, which reach a sufficiently large number of people. The other is focusing the communication of prospect’s interests and giving customers enough information and education through advertisements. Writing better ads can also lower your costs per click.

5. Blogging

There is a reason behind why I left blogging for last. This is because it has a unique role to play in online lead generation. Yes, I agree that blogs don’t generate many direct leads, but believe it or not blogging is among the most effective driver of leads for website. Blogs are loaded with wide range of keyword-laden content and have the ability to draw a lot of qualified prospects to website. Moreover, the blogs can be further promoted on various social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook. To be true, without a proper blog all SEO efforts can be handicapped.

Summing Up

In addition to the previous blog, I have added another five most effective lead generation techniques, which can be implemented in your robust marketing plan. Before trying any of these techniques, you must have your own formidable strategy for building preference in the marketplace. Give your business a powerful combination of online marketing and traditional marketing. Because a successful lead generation plan needs both in the right amount.

So, what’s your plan to have successful lead generation to boost your business?

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