Increase Your Reach with Tested Lead Generation Strategies

by Carter Toni

No matter if you are a business owner or thinking of starting a new start-up? No matter you are running a business in a home or a warehouse, the goal always remains to get more customers. And, if you want to get more and more customers, it does not have to be tricky. The concept of bringing in new customers is as old as the business itself. But, as we know things are evolving so we must find the ways of accessing new customers. The question arises, how to find and reach target audience, without spending too much time, money and resources? Here comes the lead generation strategies, which play a crucial role in acquiring customers for your product or service.

Let’s dig into the topic by knowing what is Lead Generation?

Lead generation can be defined as an action or the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers. It is basically looking for the people who would want to buy from you. And, this game of searching the audience in digital marketing is called generating online leads. Yes, lead generation activities does differ from company to company. Basically, a lead is generated when anyone has given you their contact information. They can do that by simply attending a webinar, signing up for your newsletter and filling the form on the website. Now that the person has engaged in your business’ website and given you permission to contact them, they’re now inside your sales funnel.

Below mentioned are some of the internet marketing lead-generation tactics:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Offering lead magnets to build email lists
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing (pay-per-click)

What is the need of lead generation?

When a visitor on a website tries to initiate a relationship by showing an organic interest, his transition from a visitor to customer is much more natural. Lead generation occurs after you’ve attracted the audience and you are now ready to convert those visitors into leads. 

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Lead generation helps you: 

  • To compare with the competitor product
  • To analyze, if there are any problems
  • To know reader or visitor behavior towards the products
  • To know about product selling report through a potential lead
  • To reach more potential customers
  • To increase website visitors
  • To enhance the business from small to a broader area

Below mentioned are some of the proven Lead Generation Strategies

1. Referrals/Word of Mouth: Word-of-mouth advertising is as important as it has ever been. Now the ways by which people spread the good word about your company has changed with technology. The best lead generation strategy for most of the businesses is to focus on getting referrals from the customers which they have already won. Apart from just offering great services, offer your loyal customer base an added incentive to come back. You can give offers such as 10 or 20% off on their next purchase. Similarly in this way, give them bonus points for referring their friends and family. Also, never ever hesitate to ask your customers to refer you to their friends, family and colleagues.  Apart from this, you can create customized referral codes for individual clients and prospects. 

2. Email Marketing: Email marketing is among the few online marketing channels, which has stood the test of time. Marketing automation is one of the biggest trends in email marketing, which is capable of generating great results for many B2B businesses. If you are struggling to know what is Marketing automation, here what it is. This is a an effectively hybrid email marketing tool that connects with your CRM to enable you to automatically send highly targeted emails. This process let you to generate leads that are personalised specifically to them. However, even after this traditional newsletters and email marketing are still important. They have the ability to gain more data on users.

 3. Generating Leads through Social Media:

Lead generation on Social Media can happen within seconds. All you have to do is give value-added content so that customers can engage with you. Social media campaigns are one of the best ways to build a relationship with the customer. We know most of the people spending their time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc, so, there is a huge opportunity to get that customer to your side.

Let’s see how these platforms could help us in generating leads.

Facebook: Facebook has more than 2.8 million monthly active users, so you can target the audience for increasing the sales. You can easily get customer information through Facebook Ads.

LinkedIn: It is also a robust platform and a place of to make professionals your clients. Here you can find what you want. It allows you to publish articles, pictures, links, and whatever you want. Try to post something special and unique to get the audience.

Youtube Videos: One of the most prominent ways to generate leads is through YouTube videos. We all know how much time we spend in watching videos on YouTube. Make sure to develop the content keeping relevancy, description, and subtitles to the point. See the magic of lead generation.

4. Content and SEO: Always stick to this fact that your content is the foundation of your marketing efforts. Content Marketing is a marketing technique of developing and distributing relevant and valuable content for attracting, acquiring, and engaging a clearly defined and understood target audience. The purpose of doing the same is to acquire profitable customer action. Content is the king and in a true manner and it acts as a fuel to all of your marketing campaigns from email to social. Creating a content that is impactful is the only way to drive your audience to become your customer. Creating high-quality content is the cornerstone of effective Content Marketing, and it’s essential for engaging your target audience, but you can also enhance your engagement further by incorporating interactive elements like quizzes using a WordPress quiz plugin. Generating high quality content will enable you to gain your buyer’s trust and start breaking through the noise. Creating content with value is very important for more customer engagement.

Final thoughts 

I know this could not be the end of this blog. These are only few strategies and the list is big. Hope this article was helpful, read another to know what other strategies are there.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

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