Sending Thanks Giving Cards – A strategy to Engage Your Customers

by Glenn Maxwell

If you have ever received an unexpected present or greetings from a long-lost friend or colleague, you must be familiar with the sudden burst of emotions that washes over. For businesses, keeping in contact with the customers and wishing them well is a great strategy. Whether it is a thank you note to put in the packaging, or greeting cards sent on special occasions and holiday season, these gestures have long-lasting impacts and help build a warm bond with the customers.

The general impact of Thank You notes:

With visually pleasing packaging, small gestures and inserts matter as well. Brands that put thank you notes in their packaging boxes when delivering a product to the customer leave a welcoming impact. The customer gets the perception that the brand is focused on customer satisfaction and their goal is to deliver the best, in terms of quality, quantity, and joy. 

Letting the customer know that you value their experience and review is a useful hack for increasing engagement and once you have brightened up someone’s day, they will most likely recommend you to others, increasing your brand’s reach. 

Memorable shopping experience

Sending personalized items whether in the form of additional products or thanksgiving cards or even small positive messages hidden in the packaging leaves the customer in awe. This element of surprise can be a cause of appreciation that the customer forms for your brand. Ensuring a shopping experience that is unforgettable and marks its place in the customer’s mind is all it takes to make sure your customer sticks to your brand. No matter where else they shop, if your sentiment and quality are unmatched, they will find their way back to your brand, giving you the upper hand among your competitors.

Establishing a meaningful connection

When expressing gratitude whether with routine thank you cards or holiday cards, a personalized relationship is established with the customer, with makes them feel connected and involved with your business’s activities. Sending out holiday cards such as those on Thanksgiving can prove to be very meaningful in creating permanent customers who return to your brand again and again. 

Personalization adds an element of emotion that helps form long-term bonds. For businesses, this is useful because personalized items such as handwritten thanksgiving cards create an air of communication and act as reminders that compel the customer to return to shop again every time they are reminded of your brand. 

Thanksgiving cards help in brand exposure

Sending cards that convey gratitude from a permanent client base and help to jog the customer’s memory and bring attention to the brand. Thanksgiving cards are more than just a bunch of papers with fancy words. They are marketing strategies because every card brings attention to your brand.

This gesture acts as a hunt for potential buyers all the while creating a positive atmosphere. The more cards you send, the greater audience is exposed to the brand name on the card. This triggers curiosity and makes people search for your brand and take a look at the products. Adding information about new deals and sales is a clever strategy as well, and the customer can check them out with the help of web addresses that you can include in a corner of the card as well. 

Even if your initial goal does not involve sales tactics, increased brand reach automatically helps the cause. Besides promising products and quality services, grasping attention towards the brand is all it takes to boost up the sales –elevated sales mean a thriving business!

Promote customer care policies

Amid the ongoing Covid -19 pandemic, everyone needs comfort and care, no matter who it comes from. Establishing an atmosphere of positivity and gratitude can lend a hand in lifting each other’s spirits and morale. This sentiment can stick with the customers for a while and promote and support the brand’s customer care claims.

The availability of hundreds of brands and thousands of products tightens up the competition between businesses more and more. The best way to stand out from the mainstream under these conditions is to show the customer that your brand is concerned with the provision of quality products and is genuinely gratified by their purchase.

Introduction to holiday sales

While sending a message of gratitude to your customer, you can thank them for trying your products out and sneak information about upcoming sales or new products that your brand will be launching. This subtle trick can help your brand boost its sales game without sounding like you are too focused on advertisement and promo. 

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