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by Carter Toni

If you have started a business, no matter if it is small or large, you must be aware of the fact that brand marketing holds an important place in the positioning of your business. When you use successful marketing tactics, it can lead to new customer acquisition, customer retention, and ultimately more profits. And for this, the first and foremost step is to understand that the content on your website is an extremely important factor for the marketing purpose. Any business owner has to work hard to create perfect content consistently. The very unfortunate part about it is that if search engine can’t find the content, even the most comprehensive content will be regarded as useless.

How to Optimize the Content

According to the google, content is one of the top three ranking components. Now you could understand what position does a content hold in the positioning of the website. However, writing a good quality and comprehensive content is not enough because content without an SEO strategy won’t hold up for long in the digital marketplace. Content and SEO go hand in hand, as without content SEO can go nowhere. For standing out from the rest in this fast pacing digitized world content needs SEO, and the google has also cleared that content is among the top three ranking factors for organic search.

Content marketing has solidified its stature as a powerhouse in the realm of digital marketing and the way it has portrayed itself its position is secure in the future too. But this doesn’t mean any content would work. Not any content, surely. One must know that content should of high quality, but the problem with it is that search engines do not hand out a checklists for “high-quality content.” So, with a good quality content a good quality SEO is needed to optimizing content as it is a technical task, which requires “best SEO practices” and relevant keywords.” Keep one thing always in mind that optimizing the content is less about keyword presence or metadata and it is more about an issue of intent, trust, quality, and authority. Don’t worry, content optimization not that difficult, it is certainly one of the easiest aspects of SEO to understand.

How to create optimized content?

  1. Optimize Images and Videos: People love images and videos. You will notice that consumers often spend time searching for photos and videos than they do text. This is the reason, you should make sure that you’re up to speed by optimizing all images and videos within your content. Add alternate text; use image tags, great headings, and other graphics or bold colors to grab the readers’ attention and help to keep them hooked. With all this using the good keywords in title, descriptions, and tags is another way to drive sales.
  2. Content strategy: The most common mistake that too many marketers do is that they wait until the end of content creation in order to bring in SEO as a promotional tool. First, they want to figure out what has been created by the writer and then they plug in a couple of keywords and links. However, the impressive content marketing scheme says you should start with keyword and user intent research. Optimizing is effective as soon as you know what inquiry your audience is searching and the type of content that they are looking for.
  3. Readability: You know, people don’t read on the website. They just scan. The reason behind the average attention getting shorter is that the span of humans has been using their mobile phones. So, one thing that should be done is to optimize the content for different sets of users – differently. For the people who intend to learn and for the people who want to get to the answers fast.
  • Optimize content for skim readers.
  • Use shorter sentences.
  • Break long paragraphs.
  • Bold the interesting parts of the content to look prominent.

Why do I need tool to optimize the content?

Now that you know how to optimize the content, you must have done it, but it didn’t moved an inch. Right? This happens many times because you thought putting the meta description, permalink, target keyword in the title, and headings would do the job. However, it will not. What can do your job is a tool which can possibly help you to achieve the desired result. Yes, there are many free tools available on the internet, but who can make a tool better than Google? Let’s check out what google has to offer.

 Natural Language Processing Tool (NLP)

NLP is the powerful tool created by the google. The tool has ability to derive insights from unorganized data making use of machine learning technology. This tool is perfect to parse through text, make relationships between words, understand the meaning, and derive a greater understanding of words. Businesses can use this tool to know about their customers through social media, e-mails, and chats. Also, this tool is very easy to use at free of cost. The best thing about this tool is that it supported on the technology which google uses in search algorithms.

Google Natural Language Processing Tool

Benefits of NLP: 

  1. You will get the insights from clients: You will be able to find and label the fields within a document using entity analysis. It will also include chats, emails, and social media messages. More to this, sentiment analysis can help you understand customer opinions to find actionable product and UX insights.
  2. Support with Multimedia and multilingual access: NLP is a powerful tool, a combination of Natural Language with Speech-to-Text API. This will enable to pull out insights from the audio conversations.
  3. Key document extracting: This tool can use the custom entity extraction for identifying the domain-specific entities within the specific documents. It is unique because many of them don’t appear in standard language models. Also, you can everything without spending much time or money on manual analysis.

Now that you know exactly how to optimize the content and use the tool, you can now succeed with the competitors.

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