Solo Leveling Season 2 Episode 138: Release Date, Characters, Plot And All Latest Information Here!!!

by Glenn Maxwell

The mass celebration of Koreans may all and also the grand gestures will also be significant. Music, celebrations, and literature will also be popular. However, they were able to produce among the famous comics all over the world and it is now prepared to release its chapter 138, that will soon achieve the crowd.

After it grew to become famous Korea underneath the title “Solo Leveling”, it had been later converted into an British web novel underneath the title “Only I Level Up”. The comic series made its debut in 2016 as well as in exactly the same year, it altered its label and it has since been released underneath the ‘Papyrus’ label. The comic were able to release 137 chapters by 50 percent different seasons.

Release Date: Solo Leveling Season 2 Episode 138

The comic series debuted in 2016 and it has since completed 137 chapters accrued in 2 seasons. The most recent chapter was launched on The month of january 28, 2021, because the chapters are freed each week, don’t be surprised the following chapter to be sold next Wednesday i.e. Feb 3 and otherwise it may be released on Feb 4 of the year because of variations over time in one region to a different.

Figures: Solo Leveling Season 2 Episode 138

The comic series has Sang Jinn-Woo in the helm, adopted by figures like Cha Hae-in, who plays his beloved, Baek Yoon-Ho, Choi Jong-In, Go Gun-Hee, Hwang Dong-Su, Gto. Ryuji and Sang II-Hwan. Joining them may be the most powerful animal named Beru, also referred to as The Ant King.

Plot: Solo Leveling Season 2 Episode 138

A brief history from the comic may be the rise from the leader Sun Jinwoo among the finest monster hunters. The storyline by which he proves his worth is the best hunter and furthermore interesting is the fact that he used to be considered among the weakest hunters. The storyline begins whenever a mysterious portal opens where monsters are noticed entering human civilization which poses a menace to human existence. The best choice upgrades one stage further once he hunts a monster.

However, it was difficult before his reanimation in the dead and that he altered his position hanging around of hunting. This happened once they visited the harmful dungeon and never many survived. The best choice themself was among the unlucky ones who couldn’t survive,

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