The Master Chief is already in Fortnite!

by Glenn Maxwell

The Actual Chief has become obtainable in Fortnite.

Following the inclusion of Kratos a couple of days ago, it is now the turn from the protagonist of Halo, which may be performed on all platforms. Xbox Series X users, yes, can unlock a unique style, using the armor in matte black.

Combined with the Master Chief can also be added the UNSC Pelican paraglider, the Gravity Hammer ax as well as an emote having a small Warthog. All this can be bought individually or perhaps in a lot of money for just two,600 V-Dollars. If you would like just the Master Chief, do it yourself 1500 V-Dollars.

Additionally, within the Fortnite creation mode, the mythical Bloodstream Gulch map is added, that you can consider using a new Capture the Flag mode.

Finally, Epic Games has additionally announced that two figures in the Walking Dead, Daryl, and Michonne, is going to be added on December 16.

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