“The Promised Neverland Episode 6 Of Season 2” Is Being Supervised By Kaiu Shirai,

by Glenn Maxwell

” The Guaranteed Neverland ” and it is season 2 were probably the most anticipated items in this anime winter because after many years from the first season i was finally going so that you can follow the story from the kids of Elegance Field House. However, after greater than a month from the new episodes, today it’s been announced that we’ll soon have what’s just a compilation chapter from the franchise.

Only then do we will give you the WSJ Manga tweet through which we’ve been in a position to know what is the news:

As possible see, although this week chapter 5 of “The Guaranteed Neverland” is going to be broadcast normally, it was already announced that what’s going to be chapter 6 is just compilation content from the franchise. That’s, during in a few days we won’t have new anime content despite a brand new episode being broadcast.

Logically this decision does simply fueling the flames of confusion among viewers, who lately saw the way the anime of “The Guaranteed Neverland” apparently didn’t remember a whole arc from the manga as well as figures to select an excessively original. In this article, read just how much we collected about this.

Remember that everything there has been in an original level regarding “The Guaranteed Neverland” has been supervised by Kaiu Shirai, the author from the manga’s history. Right now we don’t understand how these obvious modifications in the storyline is going to be managed, however with only 11 chapters ready for this year, in fact the present scenario has become more and more confusing.

“Emma, Norman, and Ray are three orphans living happily within the idyllic Elegance Field House orphanage, waiting for as soon as when they’ll be assigned an adoptive family. Everything changes once they accidentally uncover the horrifying reality of the existence, so that they choose to digital rebel and battle to the finish inside a dark and terrifying adventure. But his time is drained.”

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