The right way to Verify Your iPad’s Battery Well being!

by Sean Dixon

The iPhone has a built-in tool to check battery health, but the iPad doesn’t. This article explains how to check iPad battery health and what to do about what you find.

Checking Your iPad’s Battery Health with coconutBattery

If you want a quick check of your iPad battery health (and do the same for your Mac), coconutBattery can help. Here’s what to do:

Download, install, and open coconutBattery.

Connect your iPad to your Mac. If you upgrade to coconutBattery Plus, you can connect via Wi-Fi.

The first tab shows information about your Mac’s battery health. Click iOS Device to check your iPad battery health.

coconutBattery showing information about a Mac battery

CoconutBattery delivers valuable current and historical data about your iPad’s battery, but the key things to check to assess battery health are Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity.

Design Capacity is the maximum charge that the battery could hold when it was brand new, measured in milliamps (mAh). Full Charge

Capacity is the current maximum charge it can have.

Look at the bar beneath Design Capacity. The closer the number is to 100%, the better battery health your iPad has. As that number drops to 80% and below, consider a new battery (or new iPad).

coconutBattery showing information about an iPad battery

Other helpful info comes from the Battery Info button, which tells you the brand of battery, manufacture date, and more.

coconutBattery showing additional battery information

  • Download coconutBattery
  • Checking Your iPad’s Battery Health with iMazing
  • iMazing works similarly to coconutBattery but delivers even more useful info. Here’s what to do:
  • Download, install, and open iMazing.
  • Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC.
  • Click your iPad in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click the battery icon to reveal stats about the battery.

Main iMazing screen, with the battery icon in the lower corner
iMazing delivers a clear statement about the health of your battery and provides a percentage of the total original charge your iPad battery can still hold (closer to 100% is better).

You can also get additional detail about the original Design Charge, the Current Charge, charge cycles, temperature, warnings, and more.

The iMazing battery information window

Download iMazing

Why Check Your iPad’s Battery Health?

If your iPad is more than a year or so old, it’s a good idea to check its battery health now and then. While the iPad battery usually lasts for a couple of years at total capacity and then ever longer holding less of a charge, some batteries die quicker than others. If your iPad battery health is terrible, you’ll need to take action sooner to prevent your iPad from becoming unusable.

Battery health isn’t the same as how long your battery runs without being recharged (and we’ve got tips to extend your iPad battery life). Battery life for a single charge is measured in hours. Battery health measures how many complete cycles of charging and discharging the battery it can sustain before it can no longer hold its power.

What to Do About Poor iPad Battery Health

If your iPad battery health is poor, you have two options:

iPad Battery Replacement: If your iPad is still under warranty when the battery fails, your battery replacement cost will be minimal. Even if it’s not under warranty, you have many options for an iPad battery replacement that may make financial sense for you.
Upgrade to a New iPad: This is probably your best bet if your iPad is a few years old. Indeed, a replacement battery will always be less expensive than a new iPad; you need to decide if spending $100 or so on an old iPad is worth it.

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