Things You Should Avoid While GYMming

by Carter Toni

There is a certain question that always comes to your mind when it is about your health and fitness. How can I lose my weight faster? How can I feel energized through the training session? How can I get more from my work out? And more. And the answer to these questions is eating healthy food and avoiding unnecessary diet, what not to eat after a workout. Eat food at the right time in the right way.

what to eat after workout


Consuming food and drink carelessly before and after workout session and even in the empty stomach can create a health issue and can damage your body and also can cause cramps. Choosing a wrong meal can make your workout heavier and sabotage your progress in your body, what to eat after workout

For effective gym session avoid these five food and drinks.

  1. Fast Food: Junk and fast food contain protein that doesn’t mean it is good and healthy for your diet. It also contains high fat which needs at least 4 hours to digest. This affects our digestive organs and focuses on pumping blood to your stomach to help the process. High levels of sodium in junk food can interrupt the balance of body fluids needed during a workout. Avoiding fast food is the best tip for the person planning for the gym like cheese, butter, oily and spicy food and choose rice, potato, pasta, meat and more these are processes as simply possible.
  2. Eggs: Eggs are a good source of protein, if it is boiled. Raw egg contains bacteria like salmonella that can cause diarrhoea and stomach-ache. It is also not good if you have it before your workout because it is heavier to digest and our stomach should be light and empty before you go for the gym. Instead of having eggs, replace it with a cup of plain Greek yogurt or cheese fruit salad.
  3. Spicy foods: Spicy food is good for your diet only because it helps to burn your calories faster but if you take before going for the gym then it can create a problem in your digestion. It can cause stomach pain and can burn throat during your workout session.
  4. Green Banana: Banana is the king fruit for all which is always healthy for your diet but the person who is thinking for the gym should not go for the green banana, they should choose the yellow banana before going for physical exercise. The best way to know about the banana is the existence of brownish spots it contains. At this level, the sugar contained in the banana will make easier to digest in the body.
  5. Dairy Products: Protein is the source of energy that can help you to build up your body and muscles smoothly. Low-fat milk also contains protein but if it is consumed before the workout then it is harmful to our body. Products like ghee, butter, cheese that contain high fat are strictly prohibited for the gym person instead you can take yogurt and low-fat cream for your diet. As, like fats, protein travels through the blood, making you feel tired and feel shaky through you have eaten a meal. While it is important to assess what you are eating for optimum energy in the gym, occasionally, lack of energy can be due to an underlying cause that needs investigating. For example, if you are a man, you could be suffering from low testosterone, which can cause a lack of energy and affect bone health. If you think this is something you have, there are effective treatments available for low testosterone in men that can help with this.

“When it comes to exercise and having a diet, both are different. So, this is important how you all feel during the overall performance and workout. You should consider how you experience during your pre and post-exercise eating habit. Be always fit and stay healthy. ”


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