Top 10 e-commerce Websites in the world

by Carter Toni

E-commerce stores are online shopping sits which is undoubtedly the future of our shopping. Rise of these online shopping sites is the reason people are running towards online shopping instead of shops. In this post, we are going to list those top 10 online shopping sites which are most trending nowadays. If you are thinking to establish your business in e-commerce business then you should take some inspiration from some of the leading e-commerce websites in the world.

We have different best online websites around the world which provides us lots of online services. These online websites offer different products such as electronics, clothes, footwear, optical, cosmetics, etc. Go online then only you can experience the online world and its facilities provided to us.

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As we know, there is always some problem with their credibility so no need to worry we have a list of top 10 e-commerce store in the world you can trust.

1. Taobao – Taobao is one of the top and huge online shopping platforms in the world with a massive user base of more than 500 million. The headquarter of this site is in china and the partner company of this website is Alibaba Group. Here you can get accessories, clothes, footwear, furniture, jewellery, gadgets and more.

2. Amazon – Amazon is the world’s top e-commerce website hence it has earned a spot in the list of the world. People love to do shopping with Amazon because of its features they provide to people like simple, easy payment methods, easy checkout and provide great deals, offers and discounts.

Also, the reason people are attracted across the world is its affordable rates, versatile collection, and fast delivery.

3. Walmart – Walmart is mainly popular in the United States for shopping. It provides sports, gifts, grocery, fashion, electronics, accessories, toys and more, get best price walmart products.

This is a user-friendly interface which easy and fun shopping process and it also provides different discount coupons, interesting discount on special days and easy shipping.

4. eBayThis is an interesting and amazing e-commerce website where you can not only buy different products here you can also sell your product to the buyer. This website helps to attract both buyers and sellers around the world to buy its interesting features. You can do shopping with the help of the store web application and add your content along with the description and images you have set to start. On the different special occasions such as Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Black Friday and so on they offer great deals of different categories. Easy shop with ebay shopping.

5. Target – Target is one of the best e-commerce websites undoubtedly where you can buy everything for women, men, kids,  target home decor and products of different categories. This provides various facilities like free shipment, great deals, offers and discounts with the easy buying process. Here you can find all things required in your daily life use. Also, here you can register your wedding registry or child registration.

 6. Alibaba – Alibaba is the top e-commerce website around the world that is used for trading for buyers and sellers. It is popular mostly in Asia with a unique concept of generating an easy connection between the buyers and sellers. They provide a platform to sell their products at an affordable price. Today there are over two million suppliers registered on this website. Here they compare your products with secure gateway payment, easy and fast checkout, fast service, etc.

7. Flipkart – Flipkart is mostly popular in the Asian region and India. Previously, it started with the bookstore and after it gained popularity more things started getting available here. Here today you can find different products like clothes, lifestyle, mobiles, television, laptops, apparel and many other things. Special discount – flipkart offers

Flipkart displays a description of the products with its review and comments that help customer to know about the product quality and features. Flipkart is one of the most popular websites among top 10 e-commerce websites.

8.NewEgg – NewEgg is a very popular website among top e-commerce websites because it only sells products like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. They also offer software for educational software, video, audio, antiviruses, web development, and programming.

They have over 3 million products which are very popular among online shoppers and tech junkies.

9.Overstock – Overstock has made its name in the top 10 e-commerce websites in the world. This online platform deals with high- quality products at great prices. This provides a product like cars, jewelry, clothes, bedding, etc.

They provide a unique feature that attracts the users towards the site i.e it provides fast delivery and one more unique feature is that it is the platform in which cars are sold online.

10.Best Buy – Best Buy is a popular and user-friendly website that only offers the latest electronics products. If you are looking for a reliable store for electronics products then this is the place. Also, they provide an extra feature of repair and installation on their products. They have some popular brands like Samsung, Dell LG, HP, and Sony at an effective price.

“Here are some of the top 10 e-commerce stores in the world that provide online services in today’s time. These websites are popular and reliable which provide top quality products at a reasonable and effective price with different features. This is the reason people are attracted to online shopping in the world. “

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