Things To Do In Phuket!

by Glenn Maxwell

Things To Do

There is nothing that you cannot do in Phuket. Undoubtedly, your vacation or trip to Phuket will turn memorable within no time with so many exciting things to do. Starting with unbelievably mesmerizing sunsets to late-night live shows to adventurous watersports.

When we think about vacations, we do not want to miss out on anything, including a Phuket tattoo, something for you to take back home permanently.

How To Make Memories In Phuket?

When it comes to making memories, the best thing that can be done is choosing your people and giving in to the various adventures. Here are a few things you can do to make your trip memorable.

1 Boat Trips

If you have planned your trip from November to January, you cannot miss out on boat trips. Precious rocks loom out vertically from the water. People also visit the fishing village. There is also a Muslim island to enjoy delicious Thai Lunch. You can also take a tour of the turquoise water of Phi Phi Islands.

2 Jungle Safari

If you love wildlife, you cannot miss out on this. You will find everything here, starting from considerable elephants to wild cats, and you can also trek to the waterfall. The snake handlers come up with various snake shows to amuse you. You should also visit the Phuket Aquarium and Phuket Botanical Gardens to ensure you have covered the entire flora and fauna of the region.

3 Phuket Dolphin Show

Who doesn’t like dolphins? Their friendly nature towards us has never failed to capture our hearts. These adorable creatures have always been great performers. You cannot miss out on the royal diving activity where you can free swim with the dolphin under the trainer’s supervision.

4 Phuket Trickeye Museum

This has been a catch of the eye for a few decades now. This is a 3d trick eye museum. It will not stop tickling your imagination. It’s a strict rule to take off your shoes before entering the museum. The paintings are the center of attention. This museum never disappoints visitors.

5 Beach clubs

All the beaches have one thing in common: the beach club. There are special beach clubs made just for visitors to ensure they have the most fun. These are the best places to relax, chill and enjoy the beach houses.

Getting A Tattoo

What is the point of even an adventure if you haven’t gone all-in?  Haven’t you always loved the idea of going to a foreign nation and getting a tattoo? When it comes to Phuket Tattoo, the Inked machine is the smartest choice as they have highly experienced artists and specialize in different styles. They also offer bamboo tattooing for authentic results.

Whichever place you decide to get a tattoo from, ensure it is hygienic, and there are trained professionals. Getting a Phuket Tattoo has been a tradition for tourists for ages now.


When it comes to traveling, we prepare many bucket lists to ensure that we cover all our deepest darkest desires. The above list will help you get some ideas.

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