Trip to Zurich, Switzerland: A Travel Guide to Inspire

by Glenn Maxwell

The best moments of life are perhaps when we are with our family. More so, when we are on a vacation together, it feels great. During the last Easter weekend, we planned for a short trip to Zurich. The decision was unanimously approved by my husband and kids. We made a quick 3-day tour plan and immediately booked our tickets with United Airlines. We generally choose this airline as it has a convenient United Airlines cancellation policy. We always had the option of canceling all our booked tickets for free within 24 hours of their purchase.

United Airlines cancellation policy

Why Holidaying in Zurich?

It is simple. Who doesn’t love mountains? We all do, right? The majestic show-clad peaks are always a breathtaking experience here. Zurich is famous for being the banking and financial hub of Switzerland. However, the city is equally popular among its tourists across the globe. The pristine Alpine mountains seem to attract all mountain lovers out there. And, we too are no exception.

This city of Zurich offers a wonderful scenic backdrop. It is nestled between the rippling waters of River Limmat and Lake Zurich. Also, the city has architectural eminence, like the Fraumunster Church and the Kyburg Castle. A great way to make our kids acquainted with rich medieval history.

Communication is also one more aspect we considered while choosing our holiday destination as Zurich. The city is well connected by air and road transport. Also, the hotels in Zurich have standard amenities as well. We booked our hotel named Eden Eu Lac from the United Airlines’ website. The operator provided us with the hotel we needed. It is a historic hotel with a 5-star rating and is prominently located at the edge of the Zurich lake. We stayed in elegant accommodations and the food offered there was simply mind-blowing. Overall I must say it was a great choice of booking my hotel with United and we all loved it.

Places We Visited and Admired 

Since it was mainly a staycation, we largely restricted our travel within the city. Nonetheless, we explored a lot by visiting the heritage structures like the Fraumunster Church, the Kyburg Castle, and the famous Sprungli Chocolate Factory. Let’s check what all was in our store in more detail.

Fraumunster Church 

The church, located on the west bank of River Limmat, dates back to the medieval age. Its long green steeple makes it a prominent city landmark. My husband, an architect by profession, admired the beautiful glass windows at this church. These windows were decorated by world-renowned artists like Augusto Giacometti and Marc Chagall. The frescoes on the large walls depicted how the monastery was founded in the mid-9th century. From the wall paintings, we also got to know about the patron saints Regula and Flex. Last but not the least, the largest organ in Zurich with over 5000 pipes has been placed here.

Kyburg Castle

It is fascinating to go back to times when feudal lords used to roam around. That is what we felt when we entered Kyburg Castle. Located on top of a hill with River Toss flowing down below, Kyburg Castle is a perfect testimony to feudal Europe. The castle had a museum that has been internationally awarded. Our kids got fascinating insights about the daily life of the lords that used to be a long time ago. We seemed to relive the moments by taking part in the court of justice, the attic, the cellar, and a typical middle-aged kitchen.

Lindt and Sprungli Chocolate Factory

A visit to Switzerland seems incomplete if we don’t taste its chocolate. And, what if we actually see how it is made and learn more about the history and local culture associated with it? We definitely could not allow the Lindt and Sprungli Chocolate factory to go amiss. Especially, when all four of us, including our two kids, are chocolate lovers. Since 1845, the legendary chocolatier has been churning confectionery and chocolates for guests. The last part of our visit was a real surprise. We were offered chocolates and my kids devoured them to their heart’s content. As a piece of information, please make an appointment in advance.

The End

Unfortunately, the trip came to an end on the third day as it was a short one. We took back a lot of memories along with us. However, our trip could have been longer but due to sudden changes in my job schedule, we had to cancel our departure flight. United flight cancellation policy was so helpful in canceling our flight and rebooking a new one. Nevertheless, the trip was so successful that we have already started planning for another vacation to Switzerland next summer. This time we will explore more, take snow rides, and view glaciers and the famous Matterhorn peak. Can’t end without mentioning that United Airlines enabled us to get the best ticket and hotel deals. Considering their customer-friendly United Airlines, we can’t think of any other operator to take its place.

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