Top 5 Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

by Carter Toni

There are plenty of wonderful gifts to suit the comic book lovers in your life, ranging from the wacky and weird to the downright wonderful.

Present buying can be tough, particularly if you have very little in the way of shared interests with your recipient.

If this happens to be the case for you, then don’t panic. Here’s a list of great gift suggestions so that you don’t have to think too hard.

1. Rare Graded Comics

Comics use a grading system (a scale of 1-10) to rate the quality of their overall condition. Early edition comics are always like gold dust to a true fan, especially if they happen to first appearances of certain characters, but they aren’t always easy to find in a good condition.

Thankfully, you can utilize an online graded comic books store to get your hands on some ultra-high quality, rare editions that would make a superb present for a comic book lover.

They stock a wide range of publishers, too. It’s not just marvel. If you wanted a unique and sophisticated present, this is certainly an option worth checking out.

2. Comic Book Encyclopedias

There is no doubt that the pages of comic books are home to some of the most complex universes of lore ever seen in fiction.

Those who love a good comic backstory, who enjoy finding themselves lost in the reams upon reams of character information, will almost certainly love an encyclopedia.

Both DC and Marvel make a popular and extensive general encyclopedia for all of their characters, but there are also plenty of encyclopedias or collections dedicated to single characters or rogue’s galleries, like The Greatest Foes of Wolverine, for example.

This can be a great coffee table present that’s a bit different, and they’re certainly substantial for someone looking to spend a bit of cash.

3. Their Own Comic Book

You could think about making them their own comic, starring them as the main character. If you’re feeling especially creative, you may want to give this a go yourself.

There are a range of various services available if you would rather pay a professional to create a comic for them.

Whether it’s a front-page cover they can frame or an entire comic book, it’s a nice gesture and one that has a great deal of meaning.

4. Shakespeare’s Avengers

As bizarre as it sounds, Ian Doescher’s Shakespearean reimagining of the Avengers is quite something to behold.

It’s a great parody that will be sure to get a laugh out of fans of Marvel’s mightiest heroes. It appears in script-form too, with a few illustrations, capturing an interesting blend of styles with care and talent.

5. Reprints of Classic Comic Runs

Some of the biggest and most impactful events in comic books have already made their way onto the big screen, as seen with the Infinity War saga, and the stories all come straight from the pages of the comics themselves, more or less.

There are plenty of reprints that compress entire runs in a single volume, like DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline or Marvel’s House of M run.

This is a good way to capture some of the biggest and best moments in one simple yet beautiful compilation, and it makes for a superb present.

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