7 Dog Breeds That Are Compatible With Cats

by Carter Toni

Despite their infamous rivalry, cats and dogs can make excellent interspecies friendships. Interestingly, since cats aren’t herd animals, they often get on better with a canine companion than with another cat because they don’t see them as competition.

Since some dogs make better friends for cats than others, there are a few breeds you may want to consider if you’re looking into bringing home an Otis for your Milo.

Labrador Retrievers

If you’re looking for dog breeds that are compatible with cats, you can start by looking for Lab puppies for sale. Friendly and eager to play, a Lab puppy can be the perfect novelty to tempt your cat into forming a new bond. Labrador Retrievers can develop careers as:

  • Guide dogs
  • Emotional support dogs
  • Police dogs

These pups are incredibly biddable, highly trainable animals. Consequently, training Labs to practice courtesy to the new cat in town goes faster than it might with other dogs.


The Beagle is another dog breed that is compatible with cats. These dogs are highly social animals, so they welcome any company, even if the company is a cat. The Beagle’s friendly disposition means you won’t have to train it to express interest in its new housemate: this inquisitive animal will take care of that for you.

Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds are another relaxed, friendly breed that is compatible with cats. Admittedly, it would be unwise to throw the two in a room at the first meeting and hope for the best. But if properly introduced, the Basset Hound’s calm temperament and tolerant dispositions make it an ideal doggy companion for a cat.


Collies are another dog breed suitable for living with cats despite their reputation as herd animals. That’s because these pups learn fast.

Drawing from the Collie’s deep loyalty to its herd, its initial displeasure with the interloping cat quickly transforms into a willingness to protect them from outsiders.


Papillons are famous for their butterfly-stamp ears, something that causes people to overlook their mild disposition. But that same disposition means a Papillon won’t mind when a curious cat takes a playful swat at those ears.

Another reason Papillons and cats go together like peanut butter and jelly is the size similarity. These dogs are small enough not to seem intimidating, and you may yet find your cat and Papillon taking their afternoon nap snuggled up to one another on the same chair.


While their springiness might put a cat off early on, given time, Poodles can make excellent feline companions.

Like Collies, Poodles are loyal, and they’re incredibly intelligent. That means these fluffy dogs learn fast, and if you need them to learn the cat is not the enemy, they will. In fact, with time and training, your Poodle and cat will soon be clowning around the house together.


Finally, pugs are another small dog breed that is compatible with cats. Pugs are highly social and keen to make friends. All you have to worry about here is the merry chaos your pug and cat will get up to when you go out. Between a pug’s energy and a cat’s preparedness to knock stuff over, you may not recognize the house when you return.

Final thought

Various dog breeds are compatible with cats. The one you choose will depend on how much space you have at home, the temperament of the pre-existing pet, and how much time you want to put into training. Whatever dog breed you pick, remember to take your time introducing your furry friends to each other. If you find problems doing so, it may be a good idea to keep the dog (as dogs are stronger) leashed during the first weeks so he can get to know the cat better, this means you will need a high-quality leash that won’t rip, like the ones you can find on Neewa.

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