Top Men’s Watches That Can Serve as Gifts

by TechloverSAhmad

Everybody works hard in their daily lives in order to achieve personal goals and achieve a successful career. We all desire to be rewarded for all the efforts that we do. That being said, nothing lifts the spirits and says “you did real well” like the refined elegance of a new, high-quality watch. Whether it’s your first “nice” watch or that upgrade you’ve been dreaming of for quite some time now, there is a whole slew of different kinds available out there today.

A quality timepiece is, of course, one of the best gifts you can get for yourself or for anyone in particular. This is mostly because a watch is a functional yet at the same time, a stylish accessory. Whether you prefer a luxurious high-end gold watch or a fitness tracker for workouts, today we present to you the top men’s watches to get yourself as gifts.

Tissot T-Sport Textured Dial

Tissot is the first on our list. This is a luxury watch brand that comes all the way from Switzerland and has been in the business since 1983. The brand belongs to the Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group. So you know this isn’t just some cheap brand anyone can get. If you are able to own one, you will surely be one of the lucky and elite ones.

This level of quality is mostly a reflection of the brand’s mission statement. “Gold Value at Silver Price”. So if you want to give yourself the chance to add in a bit of class and sophistication, Tissot watches are the way to go much like the Tissot T-Sport Textured Dial Watch for example. One of the brand’s most sought-after models.

Original Grain Burlwood Silver

With the specific use of a combination of stainless steel and natural wood, Original Grain is a brand that makes one of the most unique watches you can get for yourself. One of its most famous models, the Burlwood Silver, features this kind of combination which consists of brushed silver stainless steel, exotic burl wood from fir and cedar trees, as well as a dark grey dial. This kind of watch that has a lot of elements is rare and would be absolutely one of a kind. This is the kind of watch you would want to own for sure.

Daniel Wellington Sheffield

Minimalism is a style that attracts a lot of people. And for good reason. Less is more as a matter of fact. In the realm of watches, Daniel Wellington is an excellent option for avid minimalists. With its classic design, the Sheffield comes with a white dial, a few silver accents, and a simple black leather strap. No frills, no fancy colors, just a straight-up black strap. If you are more comfortable with simplicity and it is the style that best fits you, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Waldan Heritage

Waldan is one of those brands that come with a substantial amount of real history behind it. Recently it is being relaunched and features American-made quartz movements. The brand also plans for mechanical ones in the future as well. If you are out there on the market and you’re not planning on going through a major purchase, Waldan’s Heritage collection can offer you a lot of interesting and attractive options.

Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Champagne

Everyone who has had the pleasure of owning the Hamilton Intra-Matic just absolutely adores this watch. This is one of those watches that is highly recommended. This watch is one of the best dress watches you can get on the market today that is only under a thousand dollars. This particular version features a gold champagne dial.

Timex Weekender Stripe

Another timepiece that can carry the flag of simplicity and minimalism is the Timex Weekender Stripe. The thing that makes the Timex Weekender Stripe such a perfect watch is, as mentioned, its simplicity but most importantly, its affordability. This particular watch features a silver case, a white dial, and black hour markers. This comes with an easy-to-remove nylon strap giving you the option to swap and change styles whenever you decide to or plan to. With a price that is just under $40, this can be an excellent watch to get for yourself.

Rado Golden Horse Automatic

Now, this is a faithful almost exact recreation of a vintage Rado watch that was made all the way from 1957. It is so faithful in fact that the details are almost exactly correct, right down to its 37mm case. This is available in quite a few dial colors. The Rado Golden Horse Automatic is packed with a lot of charm and details, a solid automatic movement, and quite possibly one of the very best beads-of-rice bracelets you will ever see for quite a while.

Longines Heritage Classic Tuxedo Dial Chronograph

Longines is a brand that has successfully reached all the way back to the 1940s in order to recreate this remake of a classic chronograph watch that comes with a style that is generally referred to as a “tuxedo dial.” If you are looking for a particular look, like for example, that vintage look, this timepiece really is the best choice. This watch comes with a case that’s reasonably proportioned and very wearable.

Black Bay GMT

This watch comes straight from Rolex’s very own sister brand Tudor. And this is quite possibly one hell of a value with its popular Black Bay diver. Because of the relation, this watch comes with a level of finishing and in-house movement that is out of this world. The price isn’t too bad at all as well. Not bad for something that looks sharp.

Go and Shop for Your Dream Watch

Treating yourself isn’t that hard to do. All you need to do is to learn about the things that you like the most. In this case, in terms of watches, these are just a few of the best examples. Being able to splurge on any of these watches is already an absolute win.

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