Training any business should provide!

by Glenn Maxwell

Businesses are a place to work but, in many cases, they are also a place to learn. When you think about it, you probably learn so much in your job on just a day-to-day basis alone. There is some training that the business you work for may not focus on, though, but they are important nevertheless.

Most businesses train their staff on a number of things. The two main areas are industry-relevant training as well as training on general business practices.

For example, if you work in the web industry, your business may provide training on search engine optimization, as it’s an in-depth and constantly changing topic. This same business may also provide training on things like health and safety, to make sure that all their staff members are up to date on what they need to know.

There is some training that isn’t often found in most businesses but certainly should be. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Mental health

The taboo around talking about mental health is certainly lifting on a cultural level but this isn’t so much the case in many work environments. Looking after your mental health is so important for anyone but especially if you work in a stressful job that is constantly taking its toll on you.

Having the proper training on how to deal with your own mental health and how to spot the signs of someone struggling would be a great thing to have in all businesses. People are still people, whether they are in a professional environment or not, and it would be great if more businesses noticed this.

Having just one training session available can make a difference.

  1. Cyber security

While it may vary, almost all businesses use the internet in some way. Though a lot of businesses that completely rely on certain technology and the internet may include taking time to learn cyber security, it could be beneficial for so many other businesses.

Just training a team on the risks they may face when using the internet or their devices can really help to reduce the number of problems a business will see in this area over its lifetime.

  1. Further industry training

Most businesses, no matter what industry they are in, provide some training in this area. Whether that’s training a new starter on how the business is run or keeping staff up to date on industry practices, there are so many things that may come from regular training sessions.

Having said that though, it’s interesting to see that few businesses provide further training on certain topics in their industry. Not doing this completely ignores the benefits that it would provide.

Keeping your staff’s knowledge up to date is great but allowing them to expand on this knowledge is even better.

Many people don’t think of their job as a place to learn but it truly is. The business you work for should provide training in so many areas, as it benefits both them and you.

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