US Presidential Election & covid-19 updates: Trump, Biden, results, cases and restrictions today

by Glenn Maxwell

US Presidential Election & covid-19 updates: Trump, Biden, results, cases and restrictions today

A homeowner watches like a drone offers a covid-19 self collection test package to her home, after being purchased from Walmart, among a coronavirus boost in El Paso, Texas. Residents who live within 1.5 miles from the Walmart Supercenter in East El Paso are qualified for that free kits delivered by DroneUp included in a drone delivery pilot program. Texas surpassed 20,000 confirmed coronavirus deaths November 16, the 2nd greatest in america, with active cases in El Paso now over 35,000 and confirmed covid-19 deaths at 845. Mario Tama/Getty Images/AFP

Trump: “I won”

Joe Biden on Saturday arrived at the 2-week mark since becoming president-elect, with President Jesse Trump stinging from back-to-back setbacks in the desperate, unparalleled bid to undo his election defeat.

Biden, a Democrat, is getting ready to take office on 20 The month of january, but Trump, a Republican, has declined to concede and it is trying to invalidate or overturn the outcomes through lawsuits and recounts in many states, claiming – without proof – prevalent voter fraud.

That effort, which critics call an unparalleled push with a sitting president to subvert the desire of voters, has met with little success. Trump’s campaign has endured a string of legal defeats and seems to possess unsuccessful to convince key fellow Republicans in claims that he lost, for example Michigan, to purchase into his unfounded conspiracy theories.

Trump’s bid to hang on to power made an appearance more and more tenuous on Friday after Georgia Secretary of Condition Kaira Raffensperger announced a handbook recount and audit of ballots cast within the southern condition had confirmed Biden because the champion there.

A set of Michigan Republican leaders delivered another blow once they declared on Friday night following a White-colored House ending up in Trump: “We have yet to be informed about any information which would alter the results of the election in Michigan.”

Trump, in the first public comments in days concerning the election outcome, again asserted “I won” throughout a White-colored House event on lowering drug prices previously Friday.

After a number of court defeats, the Trump team is resting its hopes on getting Republican-controlled legislatures in battleground states won by Biden to create aside the outcomes and declare Trump the champion, based on three people acquainted with the program.

It’s a lengthy-shot effort concentrating on Michigan and Pennsylvania for the time being, but if both individuals states flipped towards the president he will have to overturn the election in another condition to vault in front of Biden within the Electoral College.

This kind of event could be unparalleled in modern US history.

Pennsylvania Gov. Confident of Biden Win Republicans Demand Election Audit

Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives dicated to allow an audit from the presidential election leads to be achieved by a condition committee on Friday. Some Democrats have criticised the audit and expressed the opinion that President-elect Joe Biden is going to be ultimately be declared the election champion, based on Newsweek.

Backed by House Republicans, the audit is anticipated to become conducted through the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee and performed by Feb. Election leads to Pennsylvania happen to be challenged through the legal group of President Jesse Trump, that has alleged without evidence that prevalent voting fraud led to a forecasted Biden victory. Trump has yet to concede to Biden and it has claimed several occasions that he’s the real champion from the election.

Based on the text of House Resolution 1100, the audit is essential because “Pennsylvania citizens have asked the procedure through which the 2020 general election continues to be conducted, no matter which candidate or party may prevail.”

The document alleges that the “litany of inconsistencies” happened throughout the election due to decisions produced by federal and condition courts including prohibiting signature needs for mail-in voting and “counties not following a U . s . States Top Court ruling requiring ballots received after election day-to be segregated.”

as Trump ‘Never Given an Orderly Transition of Power’?


On November. 20, 2020, in a news conference White-colored House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany addressed U.S. President Jesse Trump’s refusal to concede his electoral loss to President-elect Joe Biden and the administration’s stonewalling of Biden’s transition team, McEnany stated this about Trump’s own transition into power following the 2016 election:

“Also, something which I’d note is, just we spoken a great deal about change in power and also the election, and it is worth remembering this president never was given an orderly transition of power. His presidency never was recognized.”

The claim what food was in odds with reality.

In 2016, after being defeated by Trump, Hillary Clinton gave a concession speech the next day the election. “We owe him a balanced view and the opportunity to lead,” she mentioned within the speech.

Trump in 2016 mentioned that Clinton contacted him the night time from the election with what he referred to as a “lovely” telephone call: “She couldn’t happen to be better. She just stated, ‘Congratulations, Jesse. Congratulations.’”

Similarly the overall Services Administration, a professional branch agency that’s presently under fire because of its refusal to hands transition sources off and away to Biden’s transition team, gave Trump’s team the reins the next day Election Day in 2016.

McEnany’s comments were even contradicted by individuals produced by obama themself throughout his inauguration address on Jan. 20, 2017:

“Every 4 years we gather on these steps to handle the orderly and peaceful change in power. And we’re grateful to President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama for his or her gracious aid throughout this transition. They’ve been magnificent.”

The transition period between Biden’s election and inauguration continues to be not “orderly.” Trump and the supporters, including McEnany, have echoed a conspiracy theory holding that Trump only lost the election due to an enormous voter fraud plan involving deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and millionaire philanthropist States.

Within an unparalleled move in the current era, the Trump administration has blocked Biden’s team from being able to access countless citizen dollars allotted for that transition process, in addition to people of presidency agencies. Trump’s General Services Administration mind Emily Murphy has declined to sign instructions releasing individuals sources.

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