Wanted murdered arrested by FBI and Las Vegas Police for killing Indian national in 2013

by Andrea Riquier

It took about seven years for the FBI and the Last Vegas Police to arrest a man for allegedly shooting the 27 years old worker dead at a gas station in California. The deceased was an Indian national. This statement was issued by the police.

Wanted murdered arrested by FBI


Washington: An Indian national was killed in the US and the FBI and the Las Vegas police have arrested a man nearly seven years later for allegedly committing the crime. A 27 years old worker in a gas station was shot dead in California. This worker was of Indian origin.

The name of the deceased was Manpreet Ghuman Singh, who was a resident of MajriKishenwally village in Punjab, in Fatehgarh Sahib town. He was working in the gas station in the resort city of South Lake Tahoe in California. He was shot dead by an unknown assailant on August 6th, in the year 2013.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police have made an arrest in this case after conducting years of investigation. They have ultimately arrested a 34 years old Sean Donohoe on charges of killing the victim Singh.

“Almost 7 years ago, on August 6th, 2013, an unknown man wearing a face mask walked into US Gasoline Station, at 2470 Lake Tahoe Blvd, shot and killed the clerk, Manpreet Singh of South Lake Tahoe. The case went cold, but has now been solved,” South Lake Tahoe police said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Donohoe, the accused for killing Singh, lives in Las Vegas. He was a resident of South Lake Tahoe city at the time of the incident.

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department said in a statement issued on August 6th, 2013, that an unknown man wearing  a face mask walked into the US Gasoline station at 2470 Lake Tahoe Boulevard and shot and killed the clerk, Singh, of South Lake Tahoe, California.

The killer then walked out of the front door and fled. The case was eventually kept in the cold shelf, as no leads were found here in this case.

After that, this case was assigned to the El Dorado County Cold case task Force. It is a collaboration between the El Dorado County District Attorney’s office and the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office. It also is linked with South Lake Tahoe Police Department, California Department of Justice or the DOJ, Bureau of Forensic Science or BFS,

The El Dorado District Attorney’s office posted a video about the homicide in July 2017. It was done in the anticipation that it may generate new leads in the case.

A witness watched this video. He contacted the investigators in the summer of 2019. This witness only told the investigators that Donohoe was responsible for the murder of Singh, the clerk at the gas station.

The investigators followed this new information provided by the witness and worked on this case extensively since they received the lead.

California Department Of Justice and the Bureau of Forensic Science compared the DNA evidence collected from the investigation and Donohoe matched that evidence. The El Dorado County Cold Cases Task Force travelled extensively to interview the parties involved In the case.

It was said in a statement today that Donohoe was arrested for the murder of Singh with the help of the FBI and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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