What Are New Acreage Home Designs & Builders in Sydney!

by Glenn Maxwell

Few things are as exciting and rewarding as planning a new home. Exploring design concepts to accent your space is tantamount to fitting a new home around your personality. There is a lot to consider when choosing a new living space. Different lot sizes sometimes necessitate particular styles of houses. Some people want a single-family home while others might prefer to occupy a duplex. When it comes to acreage homes, there is a great variety of scenarios, because one size does not fit all. While some might like a sprawling home, others prefer a smaller main building with outbuildings on the property, as well.

When it comes to acreage home designs NSW and duplex home builders Sydney, buyers have plenty of options. Whether it’s a single storey or a split level, modern houses offer dynamic situations, merging community space with private space. There are heaps of options both for lot sizes and designs, from the facade to the floor plans.

1. Acreage Home Designs

Acreage lots are bigger than standard lots and so naturally bigger houses are generally erected on them. They are more often than not found in rural areas and boast a lot of space. They show off stateliness, both in size and design. The impressions cast by acreage homes can range from imposing to luxurious. They are designed to celebrate opulence and floor plans often offer plans for both indoor and outdoor experiences.

Typically, acreage lots feature grand entries, multiple-car garages and outdoor alfresco space. The community element is celebrated with designer kitchens that serve as the family hub, a gathering space at any hour. Single storey designs usually feature two and a half baths and four bedrooms, including a master bedroom with an en suite. Multi-level designs feature six or seven bedrooms, another full bath and more community space.

In many acreage designs, the pronounced entry gives way to a dramatic area that functions as kitchen, dining and recreational space. Well-placed windows flood the space with natural light. Behind the house, adjacent to the indoor community space is the alfresco outdoor community space. Often this will be covered to protect against sun and rain, maximising comfort and potential usage. Bedrooms, studies and media rooms surround the central living space, with master bedrooms typically being in the back of the house.

2. Narrow Lot Designs

Narrow lots are those that are less than 14 metres wide. Usually, these lots exist in urban areas, where space is at a premium. Typically, a narrow lot design will occupy most of the width of the lot, leaving a few metres on either side. Fences are the easiest means by which to establish a level of privacy.

Narrow lot house designs tend to reach deeper than traditional houses. Single storey houses can include four bedrooms and at least two baths and can be fitted with a single-car garage. Double-storey houses can feature up to six bedrooms, three baths and two-car garages.

3. Duplex Designs

When considering duplex home builders Sydney, symmetry is a key concept. The facade takes the form of a mirror, in which one side of the house seems to reflect the other. Sometimes there are small differences, such as a more pronounced balcony space on one side, or some other complementary features.

Floor plans for duplex home builders Sydney are virtually identical, featuring community living space on the first storey with bedrooms upstairs. While single-car garages can occupy the two corners in the front of the house, alfresco community spaces occupy the two corners in the rear of the house.

4. Single and Double Storey Designs

A major difference between single and double storey house plans Sydney is in how the space functions. Generally, a single storey loses community space to bedrooms and bathrooms, but can be deeper or wider than a double-storey. In the double-storey, bedrooms would be tucked upstairs to ensure maximum community space on the first storey.

Exploring new housing options can be an enjoyable and exciting task. Deciding on how to establish your new home is a decision that will impact your life for years or even decades. Whether you’re looking for duplex home builders Sydney, double story house plans Sydney or acreage home designs NSW, there are heaps of options available to help you realise your dream home.

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