Why You Should Skip Cuffing Season

by Carter Toni

Sorry to say, but we are halfway through the year (how!?), and it will not be long until the cold months start creeping in. No, we do not want to think about it either, but for the sake of getting this message across, we are making you think of… winter. (Sorry).

This piece is going to discuss why you should skip cuffing season and embrace the cold by yourself.

What is Cuffing Season?

Cuffing season, according to the urban dictionary, is a term that suggests that those who usually enjoy being single go on the hunt to settle down as the colder months settle in, just for a season or two. This can also mean settling for those you would not usually date for the sake of having someone to snuggle up with over Christmas and Valentine’s.

Cuffing Already Sounds Like a Prison Sentence

There are only a few times that being cuffed might feel acceptable. One is if you are on Big Brother, the UK reality show, and the other we cannot mention here. So, why on earth would you want to attach yourself to someone who you wouldn’t think of dating when the sun was out? The negative connotations of the saying already speak for itself, but when combined with finding someone to just settle with for a bit, it brings on a new form of horror. People who are loved-up in all-season relationships still struggle to share bed space and chocolate, so why put yourself through that? Why?

Don’t Give into Societal Pressure

Yes, it can sometimes be a little upsetting to see couples in matching jumpers around a Christmas fire in December or wedding photos all over Facebook near Valentine’s day if you haven’t found the right person or relationship for you yet. In fact, things that we feel conscious about are much more likely to stand out. This cognitive bias might kick into overdrive during cuffing season and can make you feel like you are missing out. The truth is, these small snippets you see around you are only a fraction of what a relationship is and what might not be a very good one at that. Don’t feel pressured into feeling loved up or coupled up during a particular period, when it is extremely likely you will be much happier by yourself (and possibly much happier than many who have got together!).

You Get to Focus on Yourself

If you always find yourself preparing for the next cuffing season, then it is worth choosing to skip one out. The fall to winter can be such a beautiful time to experience plenty of things that do not require you to have a partner to do them with. Focus on yourself, your friends, and your family, which can be equally as rewarding. Take it as a time to try out new things and go on some wintery adventures – just invest in a hot water bottle for the nighttime, and you are good to go!

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