Will Suresh Chakravarthy comeback as wild card contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 4?

by Glenn Maxwell

Bigg Boss fans will not have even imagined that Suresh Chakravarthy could be ousted now. He was likely to certainly be home before the finish of the 4th season as he’s a essential contestant. But suddenly he was eliminated a week ago. All the Big Boss fans are presently debating what this is because. Suresh Chakravarthy, who had been the primary reason behind Bigg Boss to obtain so excited, his fans are actually expressing dissatisfaction on social networking with the way the show will probably be now that he’s out.

In cases like this, everybody delays to find out if there’s a way for Suresh Chakravarthy in the future home like a wild card entry again. However when he spoke to Kamal Haasan yesterday, Suresh Chakravarthy put an finish into it. After coming away from home, Suresh Chakravarthy spoke to any or all the housemates in the existence of Kamal Haasan. Then your housemates requested him to return like a wild card entry. ‘Escaping out of this Wild Creatures place is a huge deal, I shouldn’t return in wild card’ stated Suresh Chakravarthy. So it’s doubtful if he’s returning to Bigg Boss.

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Like Suresh Chakravarthy within the third season of Bigg Boss this past year, Vanitha continues to be creating various controversies. At some point she was evicted in the house but next, she was introduced into the house like a wild card entry. It’s significant it had become once her return the show started to warm up again. Much like that, fans were expecting Suresh Chakravarthy to return. But Suresh’s response disappointed them.

The main reason why Suresh Chakravarthy was expelled isn’t yet obvious. Speaking on the program yesterday, Kamal Haasan had stated that whatever could be the explanation of it, even Suresh Chakravarthy may be the reason. So fans are presently debating exactly what the reason might be. Incidents where believe that he’ll be considered a contestant in Prepare with Comali season 2.

Suresh Chakravarthy leaped with pleasure when Kamal announced the removal of Suresh Chakravarthy. He rapidly went inside and packed his things and left. It’s significant that Sanam, who had been there at that time, also told Suresh Chakravarthy, “There is really a reason behind this, however i cannot say.”

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