Best 12 Recommended Tools to Build Content Marketing

by Carter Toni

One thing, which strikes first while planning for online marketing, is content. Today readers are vigilant and so always need useful information about the business. It means content marketing is an important aspect to get success and so all small and big businesses are looking for tools to make it possible. Yes, no one can indeed beat the human creativity but when it is accompanied with high tech tools results are just up to mark.

12 Recommended Tools to Build Content Marketing
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1.   Giphy

Content which engages readers have more effect and so Giphy is one of the best tools that help to get the best gifs? It gives an option where you create your gif, which is quite attractive and most importantly engaging. Visual content, which includes gifs along with text, can easily seek attention.

2.   Ahrefs

It is very important to have a keen eye on competitors and so opt for this content explorer tool. It will help you to discover the type of blogs you need to come up in your fired and which strategy helps to attract audiences more. Ahrefs give ranking data, which will help to make a plan that makes it easy to get a good position.

3.   HubSpot

It is very difficult to get innovative and creative ideas for content as it should be appealing to customers. HubSpot is one of the best friends while looking out for some effective ideas on a different topic, which is informative and quite engaging. Just tweaking will help to come up with some great concepts and content that can get readers’ attention. This idea generator tool is required to be used wisely to build the best content for marketing in such a competitive world.


Just writing down simple content is not enough today and so there is a need for infographics that make you unique from others. If you feel that you are not having the skill to create, graphics for content opt for to help you out. It will help you to get the best infographics, which will make it more appealing and informative. This tool has a different template, which includes text, image, charts and thus can make the content very attractive.

5.   Buzzsumo

Readers always were to have something new while going through the content and so it is very important to stay updated. Today innovative topics, keywords, and content can help to stay in the competition. Buzzsumo helps to find an influencer who is interested in your field and also alerts you on all trendy topics.

6.   Feedly

If you are stocked and there are no more ideas in your mind to make your content, to best lead the competition to go for Feedly. There are many sources, which help to get some new an innovative idea, and so one such spot to find sources is Feedly. It has new ideas from blogs, newspapers, television and many more that are useful to create some innovative content.

7.   Trello

Content building is not just simply writing on some topic but it is a whole process, which is to manage tactfully. Trello is one such tool, which helps to manage content if there is a team of writers working on the project. This tool maintains your schedule, posting and even sharing of content on a different platform. It is even possible to share content with other writers of the team through Trello.

8.   Canva

Readers get ore attracted to image along with text, which makes clear that visual presentation is of great importance. Canva is one of the best tools that help to build content, which consists of template, background, image along with the text. Layouts can be selected based on the sharing platform.

9.   Grammarly

Content, which is 90% accurate without any mistakes can help to keep readers, engaged. Content writing is not a single process as it is equally important to correct any grammar or punctuation errors while writing it. So, opt for Grammarly, which is availed in both free and paid versions to make your content accurate.

10. Google Analytics

It is important to know which content your customers find engaging and which are useless for them. So, for it opt for Google Analytics that can help achieve the required goals through content marketing. It will give details like the most shared post, type of content users like and many more which are important to get success.

11. Evernote

Working in a team is the most difficult task as everyone needs to stay synced. In content marketing, Evernote is one such tool that can help all writers of your team to share information. It will help to share ideas with the team and thus will help to save time. It is compatible with mobile and computer so you can connect at any time and any place.

12. Almighty Press

If you are looking tool for content marketing opt for Almighty Press. It is one such tool which gives details of viral content so that you can know about trendy topics and keywords to come up with useful content. It helps to schedule posts and maintain a calendar for content.

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