14 Gift Ideas For The Speed Racer In Your Family

by Carter Toni

Driving a racing toy car is fun for kids and you also feel proud when your kids handle the toy with full confidence and concentration. Give them some advanced racing options, which are recently creating a buzz in the racing industry.

1. Speed racing is passion for kids and the fastest racing car is one’s desire to own. Monster toy racing car races like a wind storm and its big rubber wheels are unstoppable as they move 360 degrees and race equally easy in any type of surface wheel remote-controlled car that moves 360 degrees and runs on any surface. This non-stop racing car comes with a rechargeable battery and charging is done either by power socket or by a USB port.

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2. Die-metal finish toy cars pull back very fast. You just pull it back and when you leave in just a couple of seconds it will reach its finish mark. Apart from shining metal fine finish, kids can also open car doors and light on the front headlight and backlight.

3. Kids are inspired by the speed and action-oriented Hollywood and Bollywood movies, a lot of the movies showcase various designed cars. Kids are very much fascinated with speed and design. Car toy designers and manufacturers have designed various movie racing cars by the movie name and are loved by racing lovers.

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4. Police patrolling kids’ toy cars run very fast to catch bad men. The car comes with a remote control and red light- police alarm. The remote-controlled car has a rechargeable battery, fine metal material, painted with police department color and logo on it.

5. Animal-shaped fiction-based car toy sets are very much popular among kids. Pull back and leave and these toy cars will start running like an animal in the jungle and take a U-turn after hitting any obstacle. Kids can even open their doors and light and sound give next-level experience.

6. Animal shaped toy cars also act informative, kids learn many things like the name of the animal, shape, and colors. These toy cars also provide hand-eye movements and develop concentration.

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7. Paw patrol cartoon cars, Disney cars are liked by speed lovers kids. These television program fame cars come with varied features like remote control, pullback, door opening. Always advisable to go for branded and check all necessary security measures before going for the purchase.

8. Colorful dancing cars with big eyes and smiling faces will be loved by toddlers who have just started walking. As the car moves, a music light flashes all around, the car starts dancing and this will make the kid happy.

9. The racing track and racing car set is the perfect one for a speed lover kid. The gift comes with a DIY note and lets your kid fix the racing track on their own, this will help to boost the confidence level in the kid. Once the track is fixed now the speed begins, the racing car set will freely flow in these tracks and you will see the car racing to winning the chocolate cake.

10. The remote-controlled Sports car is a real racing toy car. Sharp looks and design, dark color, stylized bodywork, adjustable seat, seat belt, and open rooftop will be a cool and stylized gift for a kid.

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11. For real fun, battery-operated wheeler kids cars are available in the toy market. Bundles of features will give your kid real experience of car driving. The battery-operated big car once charged can go for around for a couple of hours. Multi-use dashboard, adjustable seats with seat belts, alloy wheels, led front and backlight and free-flowing steering gives your kid driving satisfaction.

12. If you want your kids to do some physical exercise, give them a four wheel two-seater big pedal car. Pedal it and the car will start moving and if you want to start pedaling fast, this is a nice physical workout for growing kids. Molded foam seats, steady steering, rubber wheel helps kids for smooth driving.

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13. Racing a car with a Bluetooth paired speaker will enhance the joy of driving. Metal makes all doors open, remote control racing cars are just not enough. This racing car has an inbuilt speaker which can be paired with any music system. So you can enjoy your ride with your favorite song.

14. Terrain wheels with independent suspension, shock absorbers feature will take racing to the next level. This remote-controlled racing car will provide you a real racing experience. Terrain wheels racing cars can be moved on any surface indoor or outdoor. Means a nonstop racing experience.

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