5 games to create your own political country

by James Martin


Have you ever daydreamed of creating your own borders, development of regions, ideals and values of your nation, and even more? Then, most likely you will have a blast playing a politics and war game. If you have not played video-games before or do not consider yourself a big fan of this activity, maybe you need to give war-games a go. In the following list, we will provide you with a list of some games worth trying to play, and you can enjoy them whether you have just started to play or you are an experienced gamer. So, continue reading and prepare to have lots of fun on the screen!


  1. Europa Universalis 4

This game gives you the freedom to design your own borders, select the skills of your chief on mand, how advanced each region is, the values and ambitions of your country. You can decide in which time of history you want to develop your nation or play it randomly, putting your leadership skills to test while having so much fun. You can defend your country from the enemies by constructing massive borders and even colonize the world.


  1. Civilization V

For many gamers into politics and war genre this is the go to choice to start with. It is a multi-award winning game, which requires you to overcome many challenges in order to become the ruler of the world. You will have to base and coordinate a civilization, from the beginning of history until you are able to build the strongest empire in the globe, while you move through ages and have contact with different kinds of cities.


  1. Cyber Nations

If you like to play for free, this is a great option to use on your browser, where you will simulate the creation of your own state and build it from scratch, you will decide its name, as well as the capital and the type of government you want to have. You can boost the technological and infrastructural progress of your territory and keep your citizens satisfied.


  1. NationStates

This is a multiplayer game where you will experience the creation of a nation in your own terms, from political ideals to care for your citizens as much as you decide to, at first by answering a series of questions in regards to your political views, rights and freedoms. You can play it for free on your browser. In this game you must remember that every decision you make will have an impact.


  1. Politics & War

An amazing option and our top pick if you enjoy playing in your browser, and what makes it better, it has open access. This massively multiplayer online (MMO) game allows you to establish a nation of your own and rule it as you decide. Keep in mind that your strategic skills will be challenged through the game, as you face excruciating political choices while being in charge of your country. You can play with friends and strangers from all over the world.


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