5 Online Therapy Options That Are Affordable & Accessible

by Carter Toni

Virtual Counseling Choices To Try In Your Own Home

Between your COVID-19 pandemic as well as an downturn in the economy, a lot of us find ourselves more stressed than in the past. And remain-at-home orders allow it to be extremely difficult to go out for face-to-face counseling. But there’s hope to obtain the help we want with remote an internet-based therapy. Virtual treatments are an accessible, convenient, and adaptable option that gives high-quality support with trained counselors, anywhere and anytime.

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We’ve found six online therapy apps that offer a variety of services for all sorts of concerns, from anxiety to Obsessive-compulsive disorder to marital challenges, so you will find a preferred counselor directly out of your home. Whether you are interested in phone, text, or video options, you’ll find the correct fit for the specific needs.

1. BetterHelp

For tailored, flexible therapy-including limitless access-take a look at BetterHelp. Get began having a personalized survey to get the best trained counselors for the unique conditions, then message them anytime, anywhere. You may also plan a live session over phone, tablet, or computer, providing you with a variety of communication options. BetterHelp meets you where you stand.

2. Talkspace

With more than millions of users, Talkspace is among the most accessible therapy programs about. Additionally to individual sessions, the subscription-based service accepts select insurance and works together with numerous worker assistance programs and schools.

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You can begin messaging together with your recommended counselor immediately through its encrypted platform or plan a live session via video. For individuals most influenced by COVID-19, Talkspace has additionally begun offering a panic or anxiety management program, discounted subscriptions, and free therapy for healthcare workers.

3. Open Path Collective

Open Path Collective, a nonprofit organization, aims to aid clients who lack medical health insurance or can’t afford typical prices for sessions. For life membership fee, you’ll find affordable therapists in your town who offer online therapy additionally to IRL sessions. Pro-tip: If you are trying to find family, group, or couples therapy, you are able to typically share one membership fee.

4. My Therapist Online

My Counselor Online, a United kingdom-based platform provides convenient, online therapy starting with a totally free consultation. After meeting your chosen counselor face-to-face, you are able to organize sessions around your schedule, with lots of treatments lasting as much as 12 days. We recommend this platform in case your travel or mobility choices are limited My Counselor Online causes it to be accessible and straightforward to get support.

5. Pride Counseling

For inclusive, accepting, and accommodating therapy, Pride Counseling might be for you personally. Since the LGBQTIA community may feel mental health issues at disproportionately high rates, all of the counselors understand LGBTQIA support and all sorts of identities are welcome. Whether you have to message your licensed counselor backwards and forwards or wish to schedule sessions, that can be done inside a discrete and cost-effective way.

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