5 Reasons why Game Developers should consider using NFTs!

by Glenn Maxwell

NFTs are tokens that can be used to play games. There are many reasons why game developers should consider using NFTs.

Some of the reasons of nft game development are listed below:

  • NFTs can provide a new revenue stream for game developers.
  • NFTs can help game developers to grow their user base and monetize them more efficiently.
  • NFTs can help in building a community around your game and make it viral.
  • NFTs can help in reducing the cost of development and make development faster and easier than ever before.

What are NFTs and How can they Benefit Game Developers?

NFTs are a new kind of digital asset that can be used as a means of payment and representation in the games ecosystem.

NFTs can benefit game developers by providing them with new game mechanics, ways to monetize their games, and extra revenue streams. NFTs can also help in attracting more users to the games ecosystem by incentivizing players to buy more tokens.

Reason #1: Your Game is More Accessible to More People

The first reason to use an nft ico is that your game is more accessible to more people. An nft ico also has a lower barrier of entry for potential investors and audience members.

Nft ico allows you to have an easier time reaching a larger audience and potential investors. It also allows you to increase your revenue by having access to a wider pool of players.

Reason #2: You Can Use the NFT Tokens for Revenue Generation

The NFT tokens are the fuel that powers the platform. They can be used in a variety of ways to generate revenue for the platform.

The first use case is that they can be used as an in-game currency. This way, players will have an incentive to play and keep coming back to the game. The second use case is that they can be used as a form of payment for premium features.

However, these tokens are not limited to these two use cases and there are many more ways in which they could generate revenue for the platform and its users.

Reason #3: You Can Build a Community Around the Game and Use it for Marketing Purposes

NFT is a decentralized gaming platform that allows players to trade and collect digital game assets. It will be built on the Ethereum blockchain and is being developed by the team at FunFair Technologies https://kevurugames.com/blockchain-game-development/

The NFT token sale will start on October 12, 2018 and last for 30 days. The token sale will have a total supply of 2 billion tokens with 1 billion tokens available for purchase during the pre-sale phase.

The team has also announced that they are going to build a community around the game before it launches in order to generate hype and collect feedback from players before launch.

Reason #4. Your Tokens Will be Valuable in the Future – Because They’re Stable!

Cryptocurrency tokens have been the subject of debate for some time now. Some people believe that the cryptocurrency market is a bubble waiting to burst and that most of the tokens are worth nothing.

However, there are many people who are convinced that cryptocurrencies will continue to grow in value and that they have a long-term future. The reason for this is because cryptocurrencies like nft tokens can be considered as stable coins due to their price stability.

In order to create a stable coin, an entity needs to create an algorithm which will maintain its price in a certain range. This range can be set by the creator or it can be set by an independent third party such as the central bank of a country or region. Stable coins are designed so that they maintain their value at least 5% higher than the value of the current day’s fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, or any other digital currency cannot be manipulated by a central bank; however these coins can have their value fluctuated by speculative traders and speculators. In order to create a stable coin that is not subject to these fluctuations, an entity must create an algorithm which will keep the price of the coin at least 5% higher than the value of fiat currencies.An entity can issue their own currency or they can create a secondary market for other stable coins. A secondary market is where users are allowed to sell an asset for one another without holding any physical currency or even owning any type of digital currency.

Reason #5. It’s Easier to Increase or Decrease Value of your NFT Token as Needed – With a Low Transaction Fee!

What if you wanted to raise the value of your NFT token by 100x? It’s not impossible, but it would be much more difficult and costly. If you wanted to decrease the value of your NFT token by 10x, it would only cost you 0.1% or less in transaction fees!

NFTs are tokens that are used for trading on the blockchain and can also be used as payment for goods and services online. The main goal of NFTs is to provide liquidity for digital assets that can’t easily be traded in a centralized marketplace like an exchange.

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