5 Tips To Make Owning a Dog Easier

by Carter Toni

We all love our dogs and, as the saying goes, they are our best friends. Always there when you need them, providing love and affection and adding joy to our homes. However, there are times when owning a dog can be a little challenging. Whether it is keeping them occupied when we need some downtime or their seemingly endless ability to find ways to get dirty and bringing odours and mess into the home, there can be times where you wonder if getting one was the right thing to do. Sound familiar? We hear you! Listen up as the following are five tips that make owning a dog easier.

5 Tips To Make Owning a Dog Easier

1 – Keeping Your Dog Occupied During Your Downtime.

We’ve all been there – sitting down to watch television in the evening and our furry friend decides it’s time to play. Sitting in front of you with a ball in mouth, it’s hard to say ‘no’, but this is your time and having your time is vital to making owning a dog easier. Dog’s interactive toy and accessories dispense treats while your dog plays, giving them a problem to solve and keeping them occupied, leaving you free to enjoy time to yourself. These toys will also help with separation anxiety if the dog is at home alone.

2 – Being Able To Effectively Clean Up After Your Dog When They Have Accidents.

Dogs have accidents, no matter how well trained they are, and there will be times when they can’t get outside for their toileting needs. Lingering smells and stained furniture or carpets become a frustration for owners and, as much as we love them, it can strain a relationship with our companions. Enzymatic cleaners use natural enzymes that ‘eat’ the source of organic odours and stains, whether it is urine, faeces or vomit. They are completely natural, vegan friendly and pose no harm to pets or babies and completely eliminate the source of the odour or stain.

3 – Train And Reinforce Training.

Social media is awash with videos of dogs doing tricks and performing tasks that would be difficult for some humans. While it might not be possible to train your dog to be the next international social media sensation, teaching them new tricks and making sure they are responsive to basic commands will create a better bond between you and your pet. A dog having excellent recall, a command where the dog will return to you no matter the situation, is essential. This will give you confidence in any situation, and prevent you and your dog going viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons.

4 – Accept That There Will Be Some Behavioural Problems.

Dogs can be naughty. They especially like to get up to mischief when they think nobody is watching. You’ve probably walked into the garden to find Fido digging a large hole, before realising your presence and then slinking off and pretending nothing has happened. It wasn’t me. We often forget that despite their domestication and intelligence, dogs are still animals and many of their behaviours are instinctive. Shouting and getting angry serves no purpose as the dog does not know what he/she has done wrong. Training can eliminate most of a dog’s bad behaviours, however they will still misbehave on occasion and accepting this will make owning a dog much easier.

5 – Find A Great Veterinarian.

While we strive to keep our dogs as healthy as possible with a good diet and regular exercise, there will be times when they require veterinary care. Finding a good vet, who you know will give your dog the best care possible and have their best interests at heart, will also provide you with peace of mind. They will also be able to provide you with information on specific breeds of dogs and how to look after their needs so they are able to live the healthiest life possible.

Dogs brighten up our lives and provide us with companionship and moments of joy throughout our lives together. There are times when that relationship can be tested, but by following our 5 tips above, difficulties can be managed and our bond made stronger.

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