Why Dogs are the Best Pets?

by Carter Toni

They share many of the characters with the human. They are interesting and they give unique characteristics as a family member.

I am a dog-loving person and dogs are the most emotional, caring and loyal pets. All of them are cued into emotion, needing extra love, ready to lend his paw, and share a hug or rest their chin. They are intelligent creatures and are interested in doing new things like new smells, new shapes, new tastes, and new textures. They always love to play with toys and people. And also they don’t get bored doing the same things. They try to spread positivity among peoples and nature.

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Why Dog is a Good Pet

The main thing is they also work as an employee in an office like the police station as police dogs, in shopping malls as guard dogs, at home as personal protection dogs, and many more. The dogs by the side are happier, communicate better with the worker, less stressed out and also leads to higher productivity. The research says that dogs are sensitive towards music as well, they are calm and less anxious when they come into contact with music. When they are alone at home, you don’t need to worry, just play music for them, they will work all day. As I have said they are human beings, as a human feels excited about the rewards, dogs are also excited to have opportunities for accepting challenges in exchange for rewards and treats.

Some Characteristics of dogs are:

  1. Incredibly Kids Friendly
  2. Drooling Potential
  3. Dogs Friendly
  4. Easy to Groom and Trained
  5. High Energy Level
  6. Good for Novice Owners
  7. Loyalty towards owner
  8. Good Intelligence and Intensity
  9. Potential for Playfulness
  10. Prey Drive
  11. Potential of sensitivity level
  12. Tolerate Being Alone

Kip Dog Boarding Sydney explains, dogs are highly sociable and therefore can build strong emotional connections, particularly towards there owners. Dogs can often provide better support to those feeling upset and have the ability to understand human emotions and act of them. They feel jealousy towards others if any person seems close to their person, they heartily welcome to the new members to the family especially they are kids. They are kids lover, they mostly keep playing with the babies and takes care as their own baby, and always shows sincerity and friendly towards them.

Dogs are of different shape and size. They are usually the weight of 5 to 10 pounds, even more, or less. A smaller breed’s dog includes Papillon, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle and more. Medium Sized dogs include Spaniels and terriers which is up to 10 to 50 pounds. Larger size doges include setters, shepherds and more which is often 65 to 100 pounds. Every dog varies according to the size and their breeds, where male dogs are larger in size then female dogs and mixed breeds dogs includes of different shape and sizes.

“Simply there are different types of pets people love to keep at home like cats, Hens, Parrot, pigeons and more but dog are my favourite because of its sincerity, loyalty, friendliness, and caring nature. Animals are important creatures of nature we should protect and respect them. “

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