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Homecoming Dress Ideas 2022

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Now that you’ve found the right date, it’s time to start looking for a dress. Or maybe you found the ideal dress and now it’s time to start looking for dates? Isn’t it obviously all about the dress?

Prom is the most amazing night of the year, and while looking for a prom gown is a blast, deciding on your prom style seems like a bigger priority than fully committing to a date. There are so many alternatives (high-low, glittery, retro-inspired, true vintage) so finding a gown that appears distinctive while yet feeling like you can be difficult.

Do you already feel like you are running late with choosing your perfect dress? Well, it seems like has a variety of options for you that will get you looking just perfect.

Now, let’s discuss the beginnings of homecoming and the situation through the last years, alongside the most desired dresses for 2022.

The beginnings of homecoming

Although there is no formal proof, it’s fascinating to notice that the very first homecoming celebration may have occurred in the early 1900s. Homecoming was usually marked with parties and get-togethers. Men would put on their finest tuxedos, while ladies would choose their most stunning gowns that exposed less of skin.  The gowns were enhanced by a fabulous hairstyle and gloves. Jacqueline Kennedy, the First Lady at the time, was the decade’s fashion icon.

Homecoming nowadays

Today teenagers seem to compete for the best outfit, the form of transport, and attractive dates. As the title of “prom queen” has become a renowned title, rivalry for the prom court grew even more fierce. Prom has evolved into the peak event of a high school student’s life, serving as the ultimate dress rehearsal for a wedding. To meet the heightened demands, today’s designers release bold and beautiful creations every year.

Homecoming during the pandemics

Proms all across the world had a terrible year in 2021, but luckily some of you didn’t allow it to stop you get the best of it! You probably got all dressed to impress in your prom outfit and celebrated your graduation with your family at home. Maybe you had an online prom with all of your friends via Livestream. Or did you postpone it and now you are getting ready for a real-world prom later in 2022?

Homecoming dresses 2022

Here are some prom dress styles for 2022 that will make you feel like a queen no matter where you’re partying!

●    Embellished Tops

If you’re having an online homecoming with all of your friends and peers, the top of your gown or clothing will almost certainly be the most essential aspect. After all, that’s what people will see when they look at their screens. For an opulent effect, choose an ornate, decorated design with gems, rhinestones, sparkles, lace, or crystals, and maybe some 3D beaded floral blooms. You could also opt for a two-piece look by pairing a detailed crop top with a basic long skirt in whatever style you want.

●    Vintage

As per some, the year 2022 will welcome a comeback to the Roaring Twenties, therefore vintage-inspired prom gowns will be big this year. To accentuate every dancing motion, choose a basic shift dress, a drop waist with beaded detailing, or even a beaded fringe. If these silhouettes aren’t for you, channel old Hollywood glitz with long, tailored silk gowns with low necklines and high leg slits.

●    Metallic

Metallic prom dresses have indeed been popular for a couple of seasons now, but they are getting more popular this year. These gowns, which are composed of shimmering fabrics or have a glittery finish, are extremely beautiful and strongly affected by Hollywood flair. Gold, rose gold, silver, and gunmetal were the most popular metallic hues in past years, but this year’s additions include more vibrant tones like blues and deep reds.

●    One shoulder

Are you looking for that prom dress trend is always timeless classic and beautiful and chic? Then, you are looking for a one-shoulder dress. Go with a basic shoulder strap or a long sleeve, or combine the one-shoulder trend with an off-the-shoulder dress for maximum glitz. This look is super feminine, sharp, and quite flattering.

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