5 Ways to Preserve Your Collection of Wristwatches

by TechloverSAhmad

Wristwatch experts, lovers, and collectors who have a vast collection of these timepieces have marshaled out ways by which they preserve their accessories. Proper care for watches is essential for one to make good use of them. Watches are an everyday accessory for both men and women and can be on every occasion.

They can be luxurious timepieces depending on the brand one has or is using. It can serve various functions or purposes for owners. At times they are exposed to extreme weather conditions, which can affect their durability. Some people have more than one wristwatch brand in their collections and still have ways to preserve them. Here are five ways on how to protect your watches, according to experts:

Pick an Appropriate Storage Item

It doesn’t make sense if a watch like the Breitling watch is kept in inappropriate environments. It is a known fact and sure knowledge that dust and humidity are enemies of wristwatches. When humidity gets into the watch’s interior, it will destroy their dials, and movements will begin to rust. Experts keep their watches in dry environments.  Wristwatches are very valuable and targeted mainly by thieves. To avoid situations like this from happening, you can preserve them in boxes with keys.

Proper storage plays an essential role in the safeguard of valuables at home. It is of more benefit to owners who are not usually at home, who leave their properties at home, which at times are at the mercy of thieves. It will be challenging for it to be destroyed or broken. Having the box’s key ensures extra security. Another great purpose of storing valuables in a box with a key is that they are mostly heavy.

Any thief who comes in contact with it would not want to attempt lifting because of its weight. No thief wants to get caught, so they usually abscond plans to cart away with this storage option. It is also that these boxes are made in such a unique way that they can be easily identified to avoid being misplaced.  A  storage rack can also be used in preserving these wristwatches.

They are effortless to store by the owner. They help keep luxury watches orderly. They can be used to save expensive watches to avoid scratches. When doing this, make sure you store similar items together. If you have a large number of wristwatches, place them beside each other, thereby giving you a well-arranged and seamless look. You can go a step further and arrange the wristwatches according to categories.

Use Watch Cabinets

Watch cabinets are another great storage option for these luxury timepieces. When they are in these cabinets, they do not need to struggle for spaces for other materials. They have their own space reserved for them. It will be good before storing them in cabinets to ensure that they are properly lubricated. One cannot keep and store something that is not functioning. If you want your watches to remain functional, the engine needs good lubrication.

If you are using a Quartz watch, permanently remove the battery if you wouldn’t be wearing them for some time for longevity and durability. There are many storage options for vast wristwatch collections, which also include watch winders. Your watch’s power reserve can be topped up by periodically rotating when these winders serve as storage options.

They protect your watches from scratches and damage. This fine watch to consistently maintain its beauty requires good maintenance and care. This storage option helps watches because they are exposed and subjected to scratches. A good watch winder is recommended for a watch with complications. Mechanical watches also require constant winding, so a winder would be a great place to store them. When watches are wound, they offer security and longevity to a watch. So any good watch expert prioritizes their storage options and makes good plans on how they are stored.

Service Your Wristwatch Regularly

Watches are machines, so they are likely to break down after continued use. When it comes to servicing, just at least make sure you enlist the service of a professional every few years. Regular use of their chronographs and minute repeaters should be serviced. Servicing your watches doesn’t have to be only when they are damaged physically. By merely looking at your wristwatch, it would be challenging to see internal damages even though there’s one.

Following the servicing of watches by professionals or directly from the watch brand, it will be very good if you are always in contact with the makers of the watch. If there are things that were lost from the watch in the process of watch servicing, they can be reported and replenished.

Make Sure Your Wristwatch is Insured

Thieves often target valuable watches. They can also be damaged if where they are placed catches fire or is lost.  You have to keep their documents safe. Take pictures of your watches. You can take them to the police or report them to your insurance agencies when they are lost.

Choose to Buy the Quality Wristwatches

Always get watches that are resistant to water and scratch. Watches are an investment if you buy ones that its values can increase or add by the years. It is easier to preserve quality watches than one that is counterfeit.

Key Takeaway

Maintaining your wristwatch would help you save money and time. Watch experts are well informed, and that could be the reason why watches last under their care. Every watch that we own should be given attention and proper care, so it can last long enough to pass them on. When storing your watch collection in a chest or box,  it is recommended that you make duplicate keys and give them to trusted family members. Make sure to do all possible security measures to keep all your items. If you still have a lot to learn about watch keeping and storage, you can always visit the watch brands’ official websites or go to the nearest verified store.

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