Pink gemstones are a tonic for the romantics at heart. Which one do you dream about?

by Carter Toni

Pink gemstones

It’s soft, romantic, feminine, it evokes a garden full of blooming flowers and love, sometimes even childlike innocence and purity. We’re thinking of the color pink of course. But we shouldn’t overdo it with pink when it comes to fashion. A great way to incorporate it into your closet is to get a pink accessory, like a piece of jewelry with a pink gemstone. So what are the most common pieces you’ll find in this cute color and how should you choose yours?

A fairytale ring with a morganite

This captivating gemstone has enjoyed great popularity in recent years. It is characterized by soft shades of a pastel pink to salmon color. Morganites belong to the beryl family, similar to emeralds and aquamarines. Morganites were only discovered in 1910 in Madagascar and they were named after J. P. Morgan, a prominent banker and gemstone collector.

Nowadays, engagement rings with morganites are particularly popular. The delicate pink colors of morganites make them an interesting alternative to diamonds. In terms of hardness, they range from 7.5 to 8, which guarantees a high degree of durability. The main advantage of morganites is their price, which is several times lower than that of diamonds and this allows brides-to-be to fulfil their dream of a ring with a large stone. Morganites go well with white, yellow as well as rose gold. The last one especially makes for a simply irresistible combination.

A morganite will be the right stone for you if you want to slightly accentuate your femininity and are looking for a piece of jewelry that blends in with you rather than drawing all the attention to itself. Morganites stand out for their luster, but they are not as distinctive in terms of color. Jewelry with morganites therefore looks very understated and elegant.

Jewelry with morganites

Jewelry with a pink sapphire will help you shine

Another less common gemstone that prides itself on its different shades of pink is the pink sapphire. Until recently, this type of sapphire was very rare on the market but that changed with the discovery of a deposit in Madagascar. The color of pink sapphires ranges from light pink to a vibrant deep pink. Its value is determined by its purity; the intensity of the color is not that important. Lighter sapphires which are closer to the look of pink diamonds are in greatest demand.

Pink sapphires are a great choice for those looking for a rare and unique stone that catches the eye at first sight. Compared to diamonds, they are also more affordable.

The pink diamond holds the world record!

Pink Panther starring Peter Sellers

The plot of the famous film The Pink Panther starring Peter Sellers and Claudia Cardinale even revolves around a pink gemstone. The pink diamond in that film is fictional, but similar Pink Panthers can be found in the real world today. One of them is a diamond named The Winston Pink Legacy. It is the current auction record holder for price paid per carat. Specifically, the amount was $2.6 million per carat, a total of $50 million for the shole stone.

The pink diamond is a luxury gemstone suitable for the most demanding. Jewelry with this gemstone can definitely be seen as an investment.

The many faces of tourmalines

The tourmaline is a stone used in jewelry making which is not very well known by people generally. It’s naturally found in almost all colors and its pink to pinkish-purple varieties are called rubellite. Tourmalines are exceptional for their pleochroism, a quality whereby the stone appears multicolored when viewed from different angles.

You’ll love tourmaline jewelry if you prefer richer colors in more muted shades. The ability of tourmalines to visually change color will also win you over. This will ensure that you won’t get tired of them so quickly.

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