7 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Car, Nice and Tidy

by Carter Toni

Your car is more of a family member to you. You do every possible thing to keep your car nice and tidy, to keep it in its premium shape always, as your car is not only a means of transportation to you, but also your sense of pride. You want your car to look at its best always. Your car is the reflection of your personality. You can do it well and effectively with these seven tips and tricks, to keep your car in such a shape that it makes everyone else jealous of your car and of course, of you.

Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Car Nice

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1. Do It Yourself Twisty Cable

It is indeed too shabby to have a charging cable dangling from the center console of your car. It also annoys you a lot to have it there, since it keeps on tangling between the handbrake and the gearshift of your car. You should opt for a spiral cord or spiral cable by converting this dangling cable into one.

You should have a Charging Cable, Two pen springs, One Pencil, some tapes and a hair dryer for this purpose. Then you need to –

A. Wrap one spring around the cable, directly below both the plugs.

Wrap a spring around the cable directly below both plugs

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B. Wrap the cable around the pencil and attach both ends with help of tapes.

Wrap the cable around a long pencil and fix

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C. Now you blow dry the wrapped cable for about two minutes.

Blow dry the wrapped cable for about two minutes

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D. Now you may unwrap the cable from the pencil.

don't have to worry about your cable always getting

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E. Now your cable is ready. It won’t annoy you any more by coming in your way of shifting gears.

2. Have Radiant and Bright Headlights

You can very well turn your dull, dim and dirty headlights of your car change into bright and radiant headlights easily. You just have to take some tooth paste on a clean piece of rag and rub it vigorously on the headlights. You then wipe your headlights clean with another piece of clean rags. Your car’s headlights will now be all bright and shiny.

Have Radiant and Bright Headlights

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3. Keep your car’s cup holders clean

You can keep the cup holders of your car absolutely clean, by following the steps, given under-

Keep your car’s cup holders clean

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A. You put a clean sock over the bottom of your glass.

clean sock over the bottom of your glass

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B. You should spray the sock with all purpose cleaner first.

C. You can now keep the glass with the sock over it in the cup holder, to clean the cup holder. Your car’s cup holders will be as good as new.

sock in the cup holder and use it to wipe the area clean

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4. You need to freshen up your Air Filters at regular intervals

You may have your air vents of your car blowing foul smelling air into your car, if you are not very conscious of it. It can happen after prolonged use of your car and not taking care of your car’s air vents. It is your wish and pleasure to have a pleasant scented atmosphere in your car, while you travel in it.

Freshen Up Your Air Filter

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You need to just put a few drops of aromatic essential oil, with the scent of your choice, on a wooden clothespin. You now stick this aromatic essential oil soaked wooden clothespin to the vent and change the atmosphere inside your car into a floral delight.

5. Pet Hair and the damage it causes to your car’s interior

Do you have a pet? Is it a fur laden dog that loves to ride in your car with you? It may be fun to travel with your pet in your car, but think of all the hairs it leaves on to your car’s seats and the interiors. It not only makes your car look messy, which may not be appreciated by many who travel in your car with you, but it may also leave an unpleasant smell inside your car.

Remove Pet Hair

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You need to clean your car thoroughly of your pet’s hair. You have to spray the interiors of your car with water first. And you have to then scrape the pet hair together with a rubber squeegee into a pile. This pile of pet hair needs to be collected by you neatly and be thrown out of your car immediately. You have to do this cleaning every time after your pet takes a ride with you in your car.

6. You must clean the Air Vents of your car periodically

The air vents of your car tend to become dirty and clogged with dust. These choked air vents are not able to function properly and efficiently. You have to take care of the proper cleaning of the air vents of your car from time to time.

clean the Air Vents of your car periodically

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You need to take a fork and wrap a towel at the stem end of it. You can now use this towel wrapped fork stem end as a cleaner of your air vents of your car. You can very conveniently clean between the blades of the air vents with the help of your this new air vent cleaner. You are now sure that the air vents of your car will never get choked with dust again.

 7. You can use several tropical air fresheners to freshen up your car’s interior

Are you a lover of nature and natural things? Then you have so many options of natural air fresheners to freshen up your car’s interiors. Many aromatic flowers and fruits are available in the market to make your car a sweet smelling ride.

You may try a piece or slice of a ripe pineapple to make your car’s interior pineapple fresh. You just have to cut a fairly large piece from the peel of a ripe pineapple and place this piece in a freezer bag. Place this freezer bag with piece of pineapple peel in it, on the dashboard of your car. You can now mark the difference in the atmosphere inside your car. Your car gets an instant natural aromatic air freshener, having pineapple flavor. It also works as a mood elevator for you.

Tropical Air Freshener

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You can now be a proud owner of your car that stands apart from other cars in many ways. Just drive away in your car with your head high with pride and joy in your heart, for owning an outstanding car, nowhere else to be found in the neighborhood.

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