Successful and Profitable Blog Creation: Know the Strategies

by Manisha Rao

Do you know, there are over 100 million blogs which have been created worldwide? And, the interesting part is that the most of them were started as a hobby. But, now things have changed. Blogging is business, which is sometimes challenging and discouraging. It requires a person to be patient, dedicated, and resilient in work. Also, it’s not at all an easy task, but at the same time, it doesn’t require any super-science. Doesn’t it sound great to write something to entertain and help readers to solve their problems, and make money through it at the same time? Well, yes it is outstanding thing to know. And it’s something which you can achieve, too.

Profitable Blog Creation

But, everything written above is not as easy as it may seem. Honestly, think how many people would want to read the scattered thoughts of some random person? I don’t know if you have a blog or not, but there is one thing that every blogger wants to make money. Yes, it reasonable for you to believe you can make money blogging? Now, the question arises how? So, let’s jump in. Here are some of the proven strategies to make a blog successful.

1. Be open about who you are: Most of the people make mistake by publishing the blog anonymously. It is important to open up about yourself, your mistakes, and triumphs and even your financial situations. It will definitely make your readership grew to make a blog successful. People tend to get attached with the stories and they became much more interested in knowing about you. Let them know that you are a real person with real struggles. So, if you are looking to build up a successful and profitable blog, you need to gain readership can be gained only with the trust.

2. Invest in high quality designs: Yes, having a good content in blogging is important, but it is not only the single attribute that gets people interested in your blog. Making investment in a visually appealing layout design is one of the prominent ways of creating a successful, well-monetized blog. Attractive designs help the content be unique and stand out. This is another mistake that most of the people do, which is they aren’t willing to spend a lot on design. I agree that it is expensive to hire great designers, but you can at least try with free tools. High-quality graphics, beautiful images and a thoughtful visuals are some of the things that let reader stick to your blog. 

3. Choose a host: The first thing that you should do is to choose your host as it houses your blog online and allows it to be seen by your readers. There are many free options out there on the internet. If you are thinking that you have to pay a lot for hosting the blog, that isn’t the case. Starting a blog is very affordable. If you are new blogger, go for the starter plan and then upgrade as needed. 

Reasons to pay for hosting

  • Ease of use.
  • You get the options for income through products, ads, and sponsorships.
  • Gives you more control of your own content.
  • It is more affordable than expected.
  • Shows up blogs in search results much better.
  • Provides options for creating a user-friendly and professional-looking site.

4. Pick a profitable blog niche: The most critical step in blogging is to pick a niche to make a blog profitable. There is no point in starting a blog without a plan. What makes it difficult in choosing a nice is that there are already thousands, even hundreds out there. Few topics are broad and huge, while others are small and virtually unknown. So, it is important to research about the topic that are easier to make money than others.

How to generate blog post Ideas? 

Coming up with the good content ideas is difficult and for the same you need to be listening to your audience. You should understand their problems and then try to come up with solutions which can help them. But, if you are new blogger and you don’t have an audience yet, here are the two ways by which you can find what your readers wants to read.

  • Analyzing your competition: Get ideas by going through other websites in your niche or industry. You can see what other bloggers are writing about. Just make sure to put your own pin on the topic and the posts is 100% original.
  • Research the communities where readers are most active: A lot of communities and forums on the internet, which can help you get more ideas. Start following the topics, which are related to you.

These are ways to get the content ideas to start the work on.

5. Grow your blog traffic: Popular blogs get traffic from search engines. Any blog can only become successful and profitable if the website is getting traffic.

Here are some of the prominent ways to increase traffic on Blogs:

  • Learn ways to increase your blog shares on social media. If more people are sharing your blogs on social media sites. The way to do this is by writing great headlines and good quality of content.
  • Make research before writing and use long tail keywords for your blog posts. SEO plays an important role in increasing your site’s traffic, which can’t be done without directing the right keywords.
  • Write posts for other blogs and engage with your readers to increase your online reputation. Always remember, blog commenting is a superb way to let people easily find the blog that you have written.

6. Ways to make money: Nowadays, there are various methods available that will help you to monetize your blog. It depends upon your level of blogging and the kind of blog that you write. Any method can be chosen that matches your style. Here are some:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Offer Services based on your skills
  • Launch an Online Course
  • Native Advertising
  • Direct Advertisements
  • Offer Online consulting
  • Paid reviews/Sponsored posts
  • Sell Digital products (eBooks, Blueprints)
  • Ad Networks like AdSense,

Summing up 

Blogging is one of the finest way to let your business or brand stand out. In the above article you will know how to create a successful blog and make it profitable with some of the tricks?

What is your strategy to make a blog successful?

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