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No one can deny the importance of a Wikipedia page for any company, organization or an individual, in this current digital world. There is a Wikipedia page for about everything that exists on the Earth and maybe beyond.

Wikipedia has proved to be the best third party source for high ranking on page one of Google. The accompanying Wikipedia page becomes almost instantly visible, the moment you search for an intended keyword on Google.

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Wikipedia is a highly recognized website. Anyone interested to know anything about your company and about your business, will click invariably first on Wikipedia page for the related information.

You need to create a Wikipedia page for your company without losing any more time, if you want to increase your brand awareness and brand visibility online.

How to create a Wikipedia page for your brand, business or company?

The First Step- To Create an Account

You have to go to the homepage of Wikipedia and click on”Create Account”. This button is in the right side of the top.

How to create wikipedia page

You then have to enter all the necessary information here. This includes the User’s name and password. Then you click on “Create Account”.

The Second Step- To get promoted to an Auto confirmed User

You will see a box pop up that will read as “Help Improve Wikipedia”, when you first join Wikipedia. This box has a link for you to start editing an article.

You have to become an auto confirmed user, before you can create your page in Wikipedia. 

Typical Guidelines for an auto confirmed user in Wikipedia

The precise requirements for becoming an auto confirmed user in Wikipedia varies as per the situation. But all those maximum English Wikipedia user accounts are considered auto confirmed which are more than four days old and have made a minimum of ten edits.

You have to be patient here. You spend first few days editing other people’s page, once you have opened an account in Wikipedia. You have to click on “Edit a Page” for this job. Once you click on this button, you will find a number of links on the top of right of every paragraph, with the word “Edit”. This will prove quite easy for you.

You proceed to the next step, once you get the status of being Auto Confirmed.

The Third Step- To Create a Page

Here lies the real challenge for you, to create a Wikipedia page.

You have to go first to Wikipedia’s “Writing an Article” page. You will see a blue button, when you will be scrolling down the page. This blue Button reads as “Article Wizard: an easy way to create article”. You have click on this button and you have to auto confirmed for it.

Help Your first article - Wikipedia

Now, you will be again redirected to Wikipedia’s Article Wizard. You will be finding two options here. You can immediately begin to create your page by clicking on “Next”, or you can practice editing your page in the sandbox of Wikipedia.

You click on “Next”, as you have to create a page,

Please note this very important point here. Since it is very likely that there is no page available on Wikipedia for your company till now, you are free to include as much or as little information about your company, as you want. You are also willing to structure the page for easy readability for your readers. You want to feature some basic and important information about your company first. This may be about what your company does for business etc.

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If you see the example of a Wikipedia page of a company, you will find that may be the page starts with two sentence overview of what the company does. It is followed by a table of contents, mentioned on the left side of the page and a ”Fact Sheet” mentioned on the right side of the page. You may find the history of the company, just below the table, that is followed by the description of the company’s software and services.

The information about the company on the Wikipedia is so structured that it becomes most useful for a new visitor, who has never heard anything about the company. This page will provide complete information of the company to him, to make him clear about everything the company is or does, including the comments made by third party sources about the company.

The Fourth step- To Provide Citations

Wikipedia is no less than an Encyclopedia. You have to include citations to prove the validity of your created topic. These citations are to be of the various articles and third party sources.

Wikipedia gives you a warning before you begin creating your page. This warning states “The topic of an article must already be covered in reliable sources that are independent of the subject. These include journals, books, newspapers, magazines and websites with reputation for fact checking, Social Media, press releases or corporate/professional profiles do not qualify”.

These citations give credibility to your business. It allows the readers to have faith in your company, to trust that your company is real. You should look for magazines or newspaper articles that has mentioned about your company, for other websites that back links to your website as a resource, or for directories that link to your company’s profile.

The Fifth Step- To Submit the Created page for Review

You have o submit your created page for review, once you have finished creating your page. Your page will be uploaded as an official Wikipedia page after Wikipedia deems the page as a creditable source.

The Sixth Step- You have to update your page regularly

Once you have started the job, you have to continue doing the good work. Once your Wikipedia page begins ranking on page one of Google, for your company, you need to regularly update the page. It is very important for you. It has to give the most up to date information about your company, your products and your services, to the readers.

You also help to maintain absolute transparency about your company and business by regularly updating your Wikipedia page. Your customers remain aware about your company’s developments and you can have new leads for your business.

A quick Google search can provide anyone with all the information he needs. He can have social media profiles, directories, press releases on any given subject. You give your viewers a trustworthy source of information related to your company, brand and business, by ensuring that you have a up to date Wikipedia page.

Do you have any queries related to this topic? If you do, share with us.

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