Top 20 Tips and Tricks Aldi Shoppers Need to Know

by Carter Toni

Aldi is a renowned discount supermarket. Aldi allows its customers to spend less on groceries, while purchasing best quality goods. Aldi supermarket chain was founded in Germany. It has a low labor and operating cost, thus is able to offer rock bottom prices for all its goods, sold in this supermarket. Aldi has limited selection of all inexpensive private brands and does not waste money in store design. The goods are stocked in aisles. Goods are sold straight from the boxes; they were packed in while being shipped. Aldi can be safely termed as a Convenience store for purchasing groceries.

Tips and Tricks Aldi Shoppers

Aldi is almost everywhere

Aldi is in 35 states and is running about 1800 stores. If it is not in your area now, you may find it there any day. It plans to expand to 2500 stores by the year 2022.

You may keep in mind a few tips and tricks when you shop at Aldi.

  1. Aldi has a sister company, with the name Trader Joe’s. It operates Aldi stores in Europe. Aldi is one of the world’s biggest retailers, which has 8th global rank in retailing business.
  2. Aldi has limited number of staff. The customer needs to bag his/her own groceries. The customer needs to bring his/her reusable shopping bags for shopping at Aldi, or the customer has to purchase shopping bags, when checking out.
  3. You have to spend a quarter, to avail the services of a cart there. This quarter is returned to you at the time of your checking out and returning back the cart.
  4. The maximum number of brands available at Aldi is store brands only. These are private brands of merchandise, which include organic and gluten free brands.
  5. Aldi has far fewer products, in comparison to regular supermarkets. It makes Aldi a small store, cutting on its operation costs. Aldi believes in passing its savings to its customers.
  6. These store brands are far more cheaper than name brands. It allows the Aldi products to its customers to save more than 50% of their money, in shopping at Aldi. However, you cannot use discount coupons at Aldi, so some products may be more expensive at Aldi, than other super marts.
  7. Aldi has a “double guarantee policy”. This policy allows its customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases, with Aldi. If you are happy about a product you have purchased from Aldi, you can simply return the product to the store and no questions will be asked. The store manager will give you ful refund of your money and a replacement item with it. This Double Guarantee Policy does not apply to certain items, such as Alcohol and National Name Brand Products.
  8. All store brand products at Aldi has Multiple Barcode on them. It is an intentional policy, adopted by Aldi. This particular design allows the customers to have a faster check out from the store. Aldi stores need not waste their time on scanning on Single barcode items, to search them. And there may be several items in the shopping cart of the customer.
  9. The small size of the Aldi store also helps its customer to save their shopping and checking out time. It has a limited product selection, much smaller than traditional supermarkets. Its layouts are also consistent from store to store. The customers can easily find the products they need at a much faster speed, at Aldi.
  10. Please do remember, when you go to shop at Aldi that your checks and coupons will not be accepted in that store. So please leave your checkbook at home and carry cash, or your Debit or Credit Cards. You can also make your payments by contactless payment methods, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. Even Manufacturer’s Coupons are not accepted at Aldi.
  11. This payment policy helps all Aldi customers to check out fast from the store, after they have made their purchases and the tedious waiting in long and slow moving lines, so common in other super marts, is avoided. You need not waste your time filling your bank check for making payments at Aldi. You need not search for your ID or scan a N number of coupons there.
  12. Aldi stores are only open during peak hours. They are not open as early or remain open as late as their other competitors. This helps Aldi to reduce their labor cost remarkably, and the profit goes to its customers. Generally the hours for Aldi market to remain open are from 9AM to 9PM.
  13. You can have your groceries delivered to your place from Aldi, if you so wish. Aldi has an online grocery delivery facility, through Instacart services. This facility is of course available at limited places right now, but will be expanded at a rapid pace in time to come. You have to register yourself in Instacart, for availing this home delivery service. You can then load your virtual shopping cart with many of the same items, available in the store. But remember, the online prices may not be same as the store prices, in many of the items.
  14. You need to schedule a delivery at the time of your checking out. It may be from one hour to couple of days from your purchasing at Aldi. You need to pay an additional amount of Delivery Charges for availing this home delivery service.
  15. You can also purchase Beer or Wine at Aldi, in selected locations. All the Aldi stores do not sell Alcohol products, since they have to take special license for selling alcohol, on store by store basis. Though aldi has won several Beverage Industry awards.
  16. Aldi has a wide range of budget friendly food items for its Vegan customers. Aldi has Vegan meat and Vegan cheese alternatives, at affordable price range.
  17. It is always best to buy Kitchen Staples from Aldi. Eggs, Bread, Peanut Butter or Milk are available at a never before price at Aldi.
  18. Aldi is not that good in selling Non Food Items. Toys, Home Goods, Cleaning Supplies and other Non Food Items with Name Brand products will not be comparatively cheaper at Aldi.
  19. Fruits and Vegetables are good at Aldi, as they are sold from bulk boxes. Their price is cheaper than other places. You may have to purchase fruits and vegetables in bulk at Aldi, as they do not sell a piece.
  20. You can have a shopping delight at Aldi, in purchasing Seasonal items, Baking products, Bread, Cheese, European sweets, Ketchup, Milk, Maple Syrup, Spices, Wine, German Beer, German Food, Deli Items, Cereal, etc as the range is wide and the prices are fabulous.

So, are you going to shop at Aldi, please remember these tips and tricks all Aldi shoppers need to know. Wish you all the Best.

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