9 Short Cartoons That Even Adults Will Love

by Carter Toni

Sometimes you can get much more important meaning and food for thought from a cartoon than from a drama, a thriller, or a detective. Don’t know how to cheer yourself up or get inspired? Are you a little tired of your routine and the games at bestcasinosonlines.com aren’t as satisfying anymore? Watch a short cartoon that doesn’t take much time. You can include it on the way to work, in the evening with the family, however, whenever. In our article – a selection of the best representatives of this genre.

If Anything Happens I Love You, 2020

Perhaps of the 2020 new releases, this twelve-minute long film is the most emotional thing anyone should watch. A little spoiler: be prepared to cry. The cartoon is so kind and sincere that it makes you think about how important it is to appreciate life and loved ones. Of course, every spectator will get the message and be transported into his or her own reality and learn an individual lesson from it, but no one will be left indifferent.

Paperman, 2012

The title of the cartoon speaks for itself. For those who have lost faith in love, “Paper Affair” will be an effective cure. A light and funny story about the power of feelings and the attraction of kindred souls. While watching it, you become convinced that fate or something similar does exist!

Hair Love, 2019

The touching short film that won the 2020 Oscar is 100% deserving of such an award. It’s not just about hair love. The main issue raised here is family support and struggling with life’s difficulties together. Watch the movie together with your family, you will definitely enjoy it, and give you incredibly warm emotions.

The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse, 2015

The story seems fun from the first minutes, but at the climax, it will still make the viewer worry. A wonderfully done cautionary animation about kindness and how to be friends and help each other.

BURN-E, 2008

This funny film from the famous Pixar studio is a kind of supplement to the full animated film “WALL-E”, the main hero of which appears in this picture. BERN-E’s life is a veritable succession of unhappy and sometimes clumsy circumstances, which he tries to cope with no matter what. Great motivation and a boost of positivity are guaranteed.

Almost Home, 2014

A motion picture that makes you think about how we are subject to other people’s opinions and led by leaders. The focus is on space creatures who are trying to find their home planet but instead run into dangers. There’s no way you’ll predict the ending of the story. Adults will take the deep meaning out of it, and children will definitely enjoy the colorful and unusual characters.

The Makeover, 2016

First and foremost, the film will appeal to girls who sometimes miss a drop of magic so much. Everyday affairs make us forget about dreams, stop feeling energy and attractiveness, as in the case of the main character. And the audience among men will think about how important it is to pay attention to the beloved girl and surround her with care.

The Blue Umbrella, 2013

The creators of “Pixar” know how to make not only funny but also touching movies. Let the plot of this cartoon is a little corny, but it is presented in a very original way: animating objects help the main character to find his love – a red umbrella. The cartoon teaches kindness and mutual aid. The bright graphics and music are sure to grab your attention, at least for a few minutes.

Piper, 2016

Cute, inspiring, and vivid are epithets with which to confidently describe this animation. The film is about the scary unknown and the process of growing up by overcoming difficulties. The main character, a chick, learns to know the world around him, gains friends and experience. Anyone who lacks cheerfulness and optimism, be sure to watch “Piper”.

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