Are there any scam bingo websites?

by Carter Toni

There is no greater feeling than walking into the bingo hall – or logging in to your online account-, receiving your flimsy bingo card and dauber, hearing the numbers that you have jotted down on your sheet be called out one-by-one, and getting to scream bingo at the top of your lungs!

Sometimes, but hopefully not ever, bingo sites could turn out to be scam websites that pose as real and legitimate sites and are there to get their dirty fingers into your bank account and steal your details – play at

The differences between scam sites and legitimate ones can be so minuscule that they may even go under the radar completely and you may be visiting a scam bingo site without even knowing it. This is where our expertise comes in because we will clue you in to all the nuances scam bingo sites present so that you can know them and will not be scammed.

How to tell if a bingo site is a scam or not

Fortunately, for the innocent bingo player, scam websites tend to be lacking in certain infrastructure that well-made sites have for granted. This means that players can easily tell when a bingo site is not legitimate and allows them to instantly leave and report them so nobody else falls for their pesky tricks.

Here are bingo scam sites’ main features that set them apart from a legitimate one:

  • Licensing – We do not want to get too bogged down in the bureaucracy of online bingo sites, but they must be licensed properly to assure that they are regulated and accountable. If you want your cash safe then visit their licensing page and check out their certificate. Give it a quick online search and soon you will be able to know if that site is renowned, or not.
  • Alien payment methods – Some igamers, who have been on the online bingo scene for a while now, will know what payment methods are normal for a betting site and which are not. If you do not trust the banking system then definitely do not give them any of your details!
  • Credibility – Scam sites will try and ensure that you do not know that they are fake. They may fabricate licensing and other documents to fool you, however, if the pages do not look legitimate and you do not trust them instinctively then you had better not give them a single penny!

What do to if you find an online bingo scam site

So, now that you have identified what scam bingo sites might look like, what happens if you come across one? It can be quite daunting, so, we have prepared a short guide on what you should do if you come across a scam bingo site:

  1. If you have not already, you need to leave the site instantly so that it does not save your details
  2. Definitely do not enter any personal credentials
  3. Once you have left, report the scam site to an online ombudsman or a regulatory body to ensure that nobody else gets scammed by them!

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