Best Affiliate Marketing Tools (Contd.)

by Jeffrey

Best affiliate marketing tools

So, after the long hours, weeks and months of hard work, you finally managed to build and launch your business with WordPress. Congratulations! But, is it working fine? For the same in the previous blog, we have discussed about various affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress. Let’s continue the same.

Before that, let’s quickly look into what is an Affiliate Program?

If we talk in simple terms, affiliate marketing can defined as promoting a product, brand or services to receive a cut or percentage of the total price of the sales. Anyone could start their own affiliate program, the website owners can apply to become an affiliate for business. Honestly, affiliate program is a win-win situation for both the owner and the affiliates. More the sales that an affiliates could generate  just like a referral software  higher the percentage they receive and at the same time owners can raise their income.

Let’s look at some of the best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress:

1. Affiliates 

What else could we mention, when there is Affiliates tool? It is a full-featured affiliate WordPress plugin, which ideal for the businesses who are looking for an affiliate management system. Great for sellers, online stores and membership sites, this tool give a run to various other affiliate WordPress plugins for their money.

Let’s look what else this plugin has to offer to the marketers. With this plugin, you are able to add new affiliates easily. And, the affiliate program that you are running will make money in no time. All thanks to a million and one integration, this plugin can be hooked to any e-commerce or membership platform that you have. Affiliates plugin is easy to customize and comes with an API. The advantage of which comes to the developers, who can bank on this plugin to build customized affiliate management programs, without all the heavy-lifting.

2. OptinMonster


If you are looking for a tool that is the best in lead generation and WordPress popup plugin, it could be none other than OptinMonster for your affiliate website. OptinMonster is a plugin which is helpful to show a personalized popup campaign based on individual visitors behaviors. For example, on a page like product review, you can show a popup with an affiliate link to promote the same product.

Reasons to use OptinMonster for affiliate website:

  • Boost in revenue: The Popups are managed based on individual user behaviors and due to this there is more likely a reason to drive clicks and earn revenue.
  • Less annoying and easy usage: Unlike most of the other mediocre popup solutions, the plugin comes with tons of targeting options. This helps the user to display the right campaigns to the right users at the right time without interrupting the regular visitors.
  • Hassle-free integration: By offering seamless integration with favorable email marketing service, it allows the user to grow email list while growing your affiliate revenue.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #1 Clickbooth

It is an affiliate marketing tool that enables you to connect and collaborate with affiliates those have been thoroughly and secretly scrutinized. Clickbooth enables to work through various pricing models. It can be Cost per Action, Cost per Lead, Cost per Engagement, Cost per Install, Cost per Sale or Cost per Click pricing models.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #2 Affiliate Future

Affiliate Future is a marketing tool that enables you identify and partner with the top affiliates, in the crowd of over 300 thousands publishers. You are able to leverage their network of affiliates for your extensively boosting your brand to reach to maximum target audience. It also boosts your sale and allows you to make optimum use of your available resources.

You are able to analyze the performance of your affiliates through this tool. You can also optimize your program to get better results in your brand’s marketing. You can make payments to your affiliates on the basis of their performances, by declaring a commission scheme.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #3 Indoleads

Indoleads happens to be one of the premium affiliate marketing networks. It makes it very convenient for the marketers to have contact with the key affiliates from various industries. Indoleads has a network of high value affiliates from all over the world. It makes it easy for you to reach to many new customer bases.

It is a tool that is useful for accurate tracking. It protects you from frauds. Your billing becomes transparent and you can report your income, with many more functions. You need to pay only for the target actions, such as, sign ups and sales.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #4 LinkTrust

This affiliate marketing tool is known for its giving you outstanding marketing support. It has a customizable marketing platform. You can have access to payouts, contents, products, offers and analytics from ads.

This tool has a customizable interface, to enable you to track all advertisements through pixels, server posts, mobile traffics, cookies, and many other modes. It is for a payment affiliate marketing tool for you. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools #5 ClickMeter

ClickMeter is a tool that enables you to monitor and compare your links. It helps you to increase your Conversion Rate. You can create a link with ClickMeter. You can use this link in your advertisements. You can have real time reports through this marketing tool. You can also share your reports directly with your clients, from ClickMeter.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #6 Linktrack

Linktrack is an affiliate marketing tool that provides you the opportunity to track the performance of all your affiliate links. It gives accurate results with ease. You can have real time updates to know where your traffic is coming from. You can track unlimited links and clicks with this tool. You can also track impressions.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #7 AffTrack

This is the only tool available that provides unlimited clicks for all its packages. They offer a fully loaded service for 3 months in exchange of a meager sum to their new subscribers.

It is an affordable software that can be used by businesses with limited budgets also.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #8 HitPath

HitPath is a marketing tool that can track in many channels. It has a user friendly and simple interface. It has a cross pub campaign accelerator, affiliate management and real time tracking.

HitPath is a customizable and a scalable platform. You can adjust it according to your requirements. You can have a free demonstration from their website also.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #9 Bitly

Bitly is a tool that shortens the URLs for your social media posts. You can also use Bitly to analyze campaign performance through your custom links, across channels and locations.

Bitly helps you to build personalized customer experience at a large scale. It is a free tool for a single profile. It can also be used to connect your Twitter to Bitly, from the website. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools #10 Pretty Links

It is the best affiliate marketing tool for the WordPress users. It makes long links simple and makes them short. It also simplifies severe side redirects. You can monitor your links to check their effectiveness. You can also use your affiliate links in email marketing campaigns through its cloaking feature.  

Affiliate Marketing Tools #11 Everflow

Everflow is the best ever affiliate marketing tool to give you real time affiliate analytics. It makes your tracking for the progress of your affiliate marketing campaigns easy. You are also protected from frauds through Everflow. It checks the clicks, impressions, conversions and the activities after conversion. You can automate your campaign through its FlowXchange feature, as you can gain full control through a rule engine.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #12 ClickInc

It is an advance affiliate tracking software. It has built in affiliate contact tool. It alerts you when an affiliate drops you. This software helps you to gain the SERP ranking using your affiliates.

It does not need any affiliate IDs anymore. It can track everything from the registered URLs of the affiliates. It will give you a free demo and a free trial on your demand.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #13 AvantiLink

AvantiLink helps you to get across to a network of qualified affiliates. Only those who are really serious about referral marketing. You can leverage a suite of high converting tools. You can boost your real time reporting with this tool.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #14 Omnistar

It is an easy to use affiliate software. It helps you to optimize your referral marketing campaigns. It allows you to have a faster and better growth.

It allows you to create an affiliate program. You can integrate this program with your website affiliates. It includes your own customers also. They can easily promote your brand and products. You are to get new customers and an increase in sales.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #15 Tune

Tune can provide you with unlimited affiliates. It has 99% tracking uptime with its great tracking metrics. It is a platform to provide you details of the purchase processes.

It is a tool to provide you with leads. It benefits the agencies which handle clients accounts.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #16 Voluum

It has a state of art reporting tool. It provides 20 statndard and 10 custom data points about every page visitor.

It is a platform that includes direct tracking pixels and CPC, CPM, and CPA cost models.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #17 Affiliate Royal

It is the tool for you to launch your affiliate program for your products or services. It is a WordPress plugin. It can set up your affiliate marketing program in minutes. You can also manage it easily by monitoring sales, clicks, and payments through its dashboard.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #18 Tapfiliate

It is an amazing affiliate tracking software. It is used for e commerce and SaaS businesses. You can also create your own custom affiliate program in no time with this tool.

This software enables you to reward, track and incentivize your affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #19 Journey by Cake

Journey is the affiliate marketing tool of Cake. It is used for tracking. This tool will help you to optimize your spending, based on data driven values and positional values of key steps in the customer’s journey.

This is a tool that integrates seamlessly with other affiliate marketing tools. You can have a free demo of the software from the website.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #20 Post Affiliate Pro

It is a software to give you protection from frauds. It also helps in tracking accurately. It accepts all types of affiliate links and it allows multiple currencies. You can get a free trial of this software solution for 14 days.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #21 Ambassador

It is one of the best internationally acclaimed all in one referral software platforms. You can identify the influencers, affiliates, employees and other advocates you are interested to partner with through Ambassador.

You can easily enroll them to run a targeted and personalized referral campaigns. You can manage all your affiliates in one place and monitor their performance. You can have a free demo of this software from the website also.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #22 MaxBounty

This marketing tool allows you to collaborate with the top affiliates on a Cost per Action basis. You have to pay only for the results, when you acquire a customer. It is a most effective and profitable advertising networks. You can get across to over 20 thousands affiliates. It will help you to increase your reach and ultimately your sales.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #23 Adplexicity

It is the best tool for ad intelligence. You can track the profitable ads of your competitors through this program. You have everything for your traffic needs, such as desktops, mobile phones and native options.

You can track your competitor’s e commerce products and stores, with this tool.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #24 WhatRunsWhere

WhatRunsWhere makes you spend your money wisely on your advertisements. This is a platform to give you actionable insights into your digital strategy. You can get access to 60 million ads across 7 countries with the help of this tool. You can get fresh data every day to plan your strategy accurately.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #25 LeadDyno

LeadDyno enables you to launch affiliate campaigns. It is an easy to use software. You are in front of the top affiliates and influencers who are looking for products like you.

Your new affiliates get a custom affiliate dashboard. You can provide all information to them to promote your brand or product. You can have free trial for 30 days.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #26 Refersion

It is an advanced program. It is for efficiently managing, tracking and the growth of your network. You can also integrate your e commerce platform to track your sales by your affiliate drives. You can monitor your real time conversions.

You can also leverage unlimited commission structure and automate the commissions. You can also get across the performance reports and analytics. You can have a free trial for 14 days. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools #27 CJAffiliate

CJAffiliate is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks. It is designed to help you to get bigger and better results.

You can find this platform very useful to reach to your customer and influence them throughout their buying journey. You can identify your most influential affiliates and reward them through this software. It is the best software to unleash your powers of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #28 Awin

Awin is an affiliate marketing platform with over 13,000 advertiser and 100,000 publishers. They have some real big brands on their client lists. You can get access to all of them by joining this platform.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #29 AffJet

It is one of the best platforms to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns. You can also monitor the performance of your network and check the incomes of all your affiliates.

You can get the statistics of over 100 affiliate networks on its dashboard. You can also identify the bestseller easily.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #30 Thirsty Affiliates

Here the bloggers can list themselves. They can also earn money on this software. You can get active affiliates here easily. It can also fix your broken front end links. It provides an alternate destination for international clicks. You cn cloak affiliate links on WordPress for free.

Affiliate Marketing Tools #31 ShareASale

It is a platform where merchant and affiliates can meet and do business. It has cutting edge technology to make usage seamless for customers. You can make most of your resources through this tool and excel at affiliate marketing.


The conclusion is based on both the articles. Now that we have given you a list some of some of the best plugins, use them to the most. The plugins covered in this post can be used in conjunction with complementary features. So, ultimately it’s up to the business owner on what they need for their website according the budget. As Affiliate marketing is enormously a lucrative industry, make sure to choose a best tool for you.

Get started:

  • Choose the plugin
  • Set up program
  • Optimize site, listings, and content
  • You are good to go!

Which plugin worked best for you? Share with us!

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