Improve your Search Engine Rankings with Cheap SEO Tactics

by Richard

It is not an expensive thing for you to improve your Search Engine rankings on Google. There are certain cheap tactics that will help you to achieve this task.

Search Engine ranking must be improved on Google for getting desired business results, in your business. Google is the most popular web based tool in this world. Every person uses Google for everything now. Google does everything for you, including imparting high end skills.

Your business can perish if you are not ranking high on Google, for your targeted key words on it. You may lose your customers initially and can lose out to your competition later.

You have to keep SEO on top priority for doing your business well. More than 80% of the online shoppers use Google to reach for products of their choice and to purchase it. Similar percentage of B2B clients or buyers uses Google to learn about a business solution, before they decide to invest on it.

Visitors visiting your website through Search, have more possibilities of turning into your paying customers or clients.

Top Ranking

Currently the competition among businesses is most fierce in every industry. Spending on SEO for a limited budget business may prove to be a financially demanding and time consuming exercise. You may be needing the services of an expert digital marketing company to effectively optimize your website and make it rank higher on Google.

Google updates it algorithm periodically. Tactics to optimize SEO proves to be obsolete in a few days. SEO optimization is a fast paced work and may be difficult for you.

You have to be very careful while optimizing your SEO. You must have a guiding from SEO professional, unless you are a professional yourself. You should have strategies to successfully optimize your SEO that is easy on your wallet.

We will be discussing these strategies in this article.

Cheap SEO tactics for your business

SEO Tactic #1: To create long blog contents

Blog contents are loved by Google. Good blogs contents deliver extraordinary value to its readers. Good quality and relevant contents for your blog can drive back the targeted organic search traffic to your website. It then converts into leads and sales. Blogs are best practice in content marketing now.

create long blog contents

You need to move beyond the standard 500 or 800 words format in creating your blogs. You can achieve two most important of your targets by creating long blog contents-

  1. You impress Google by providing a keyword rich and in depth content. Google wants to show it to its readers to make them derive its maximum value.
  2. You make your visitors to spend more time on your website, with long blog contents. It increases your page duration and decreases your bounce rate. It also tells Google that your page is relevant and worthy.

The study report reveals that average word count in blogs in three top ranking websites was 2400 words and the top 10 search results were 2000 words.

content length search rankings

It proves that long blog contents deliver value and useful information to the users. Google knows this.

Many users prefer quick answers and solutions on Google. But the big percentage of them loves to dig deeper after the initial stage. Search engines help the users to find and use detailed information in in depth, well written contents.

You should create highly informative contents, keeping into view the end user’s point of view. Your content should touch a topic from many angles. It helps in increasing your organic traffic in due time and helps answer many questions from your visitors.

This tactics work when done constantly. Never sacrifice quality for quantity. Never try to bloat your contents with unnecessary words, because it often backfires. Google rejects such blogs. Long blog must be full of quality information.

Publishing high quality blog contents in lesser frequency proves to be more beneficial than publishing no good contents every day. Quality long blog contents will definitely help you to improve your SEO traffic.

SEO Tactic # 2 To update your old contents periodically-

Your old contents on your website need to be reviewed by you from time to time for quality improvements. Start with articles attracting high traffic first. It proves the old contents created by you long time back is still a gold mine.

You have to update your old contents in the right way.

  • Your blog posts have a timestamp that can be changed from”Published on” to “Last Updated”. You have to make certain changes in your blog post for it. These improvements show your content to be updated and fresh. Your readers should be able to derive more value from your post after your updating the content.

Update Your Old Content

  • Your contents must be enriched with more useful contents. It makes your updated contents more trustworthy for your readers. It also gets long tail search traffic. You can get good ideas from Google’s”People also ask” feature. You have to enter your query and Google will show you these terms which are highly relevant for your topic.
  • You should also update the title tag of your blog post. It may seem to be a small task but it is really important. Changing title makes it more clickable. But never change the keywords placements while changing the title to make it more attention grabbing content. You will get big help from Google Search Console for it. It will give you the idea of keywords that are getting you the maximum impressions.
  • You must update the Meta Description. The first few lines of the article do not necessarily make the best Meta Description for the article. The Meta Description should be filling with the keywords that will help to improve the ranking. It improves your SEO by telling your users in short, in limited characters, the information they will get from your content.

SEO Tactics # 3: To Leverage the power of internal linking-

Publishing quality contents on a regular basis will help you to improve the ranking of the search engine. It helps to attract relevant links and fetch more brownie points from Google.

Your internal linking’s, when done carefully, helps you to improve your SEO ranking, with the external linking. Your external linking building efforts comes under Off page SEO and internal linking is an On page element. Internal links are more important to focus on for you.

Leverage the power of internal linking

Reasons to focus on Internal Linking first

It helps to search crawlers.

It helps the readers to search for more relevant contents. It makes the reader to spend quality time on your website and decrease the bounce rate. Internal linking improves the picture of your website on Search Engines.

Your trying to link out to from your other smaller blog posts, the super informative guide post you have published. Google boosts the chances of your guide ranking for your targeted keywords, because of the many internal links that lead to it.

Never ignore Link equity, the most important search engine rank factor.

Link equity makes some certain links on your site pass their authority or value to the other pages.

Link equity is to be distributed throughout your website. Off page SEO put into your site will fetch you better results, when you also focus on internal linking.

It is not an easy job to build link equity with quality external links. Back links become strong ranking factors here.

The equity you can earn by attracting links to your pages, your contents can be effectively distributed to other pages with the help of internal links.

It is sometimes difficult to gain back links to some pages since they are not link worthy. There may not be any reward or incentive for such linking. You may have to give commissions to people to get the job done. You use the power of internal links properly and distribute link equity to these pages to help them rank better.

Do conduct regular audits.

Your internal links need regular maintenance. You have to conduct site audits periodically to do this.

The pages keep changing when you add value to your pages. Old pages get removed when new pages are added. You may find broken internal links. This has a direct negative impact on your SEO.

You have to update your internal links when you make any change to your any page. You have to take care of the broken internal links, if you want your link equity to flow properly throughout your website.

SEO Tactics #4: To improve the Speed of Site pages

Slow websites are irritating to the visitors and they tend to avoid it. Today in the age of broadband your website must load on time, or you can forget about your visitors.

Your webpage should load within 3 seconds time or less, or else your visitors will leave your site.

improve the Speed of Site pages

Never ignore user experience.

There is a real connection between SEO and user experience. Google analyzes the relevancy of a website from many unknown angles. It also updates its algorithm from time to time. The users have best experiences on Google about things such as machine learning or voice search.

Browsing also gets affected because of a slow website. Your pages should load at the right speed, not too slow or not too fast, because repel the visitors. Google gives you points in terms of SEO, by keeping track of how many people are coming back to the search results.

Engagement Metrics are important

Engagement metrics the quality of user experience on your website. Click through rates or time spent on website are types of engagement metrics.

The higher the ranking is for your website, the more number of clicks it gets. It increases your CTR. It improves the relevancy of your site to Google and other Search engines. More people clicking on your site in the SERPs make a difference to your results.

High bounce rates show your readers are not happy with you. Happy people bring down the bounce rate.

bounce rate

  • Slow loading time reduces your page visits by 11%.
  • The conversions are reduced by 8%.
  • Customer satisfaction is decreased by 16%.

Crawl budget is affected by slow page speed

Crawl budget is the number of URLs Googlebot can and wants to crawl.

Your website is found on Google because of its crawling. Your slow web page exhausts your crawl budget, just before your entire website gets crawled. It creates damage in indexing your new pages.

Crawl Stats

When your target audience finds your product by searching the related keywords, it is known as successful SEO. It is done only by regular crawling on your pages. The Search engine giants penalize the slow mobile sites. Speedy websites provides better SEO results.

Page speed is real important, because it gives the users a good experience. You can try these Cheap SEO tactics to improve your SEO ranking.

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