Catchy Payment Logos Everyone Recognizes Immediately

by Carter Toni

Brand logos have been around since businesses have strived to stand out from the rest, with each logo giving the client an indication of what the company is about. Logos also help potential clients to recognize the business and while the name of the organization might not be remembered, a logo isn’t easily forgotten.

Below we’ll be taking a closer look at different logos of payment providers that are extremely catchy and recognizable along with how they tie in with popular online casinos.


When it comes to using an e-wallet service, few companies can match PayPal; however, even they are not immune to criticism. This is largely due to the dated logo that it sported since 1999. This was a simple and thick outline of the PayPal name in dark blue. This logo lasted until 2007 where the two-tone logo was used, and this separated the word with a shade of dark blue and teal. In 2014, the color scheme was changed to a light shade of blue on the ‘Pal’, along with the first proper logo, an overlapping dual ‘P’, which is still used to this day. PayPal is one of the most popular and safe e-wallet services in the world and the logo is instantly recognizable. When it comes to gaming PayPal exclusively services fully regulated markets like the UK, Spain or Italy.


Interac Online, as well as Interac e-Transfer, is one of the most popular payment providers in Canada and generally the first choice when it comes to online gaming, due to its high acceptance rate and transfer speed. The primary colour of the site and the logo is yellow, which is hard to ignore and you’re likely to remember it despite forgetting the name of the company. There are also plenty of real money online casinos in Canadathat you could check out to see how the logo looks. InteracOnline’s logo is a simple yellow square that has the name written in black with the first letter taking the shape of a hand.

Gigadat, the Canadian online banking payment processing solution that works as with Interac Online uses the same type of yellow and orange combo for the bottom half of its website and the ‘G’, while the rest of the circular logo is surrounded by a black circle. Interac hasn’t undergone any logo changes since its establishment, and we doubt that it would have to, as this is one that wouldn’t be very hard to remember. Interac continues to grow as a financial services provider and because it’s so easy to use and most people gravitate towards it, especially when it comes to online gaming.


Visa has been around for decades and for the longest time the company stayed true to itself by maintaining somewhat of the same logo. The popular dark blue, white, and orange logohas been a mainstay until 2005 when we saw a dramatic change in the style of the logo. The rectangular format that most people were familiar with was discarded for a more minimalistic logo that still contained a bit of the signature orange on the first letter.

However, since 2014 the logo has been completely blue and this ties in well with the general professionalism that the company is known for. Visa remains one of the most popular financial services providers in the world and you will be able to use it anywhere, including gaming transactions on online casino sites.


Like Visa, Mastercard has stood the test of time; however, the logo hasn’t, and it has undergone some dramatic changes over the last few years. While the first logo had a rather dull color palette which featured the famous red and yellow circles, it didn’t look as good as it could. The same color palette was used for the next logo; however, the MasterCard lettering was added to the center of the logo in white.

1990 saw the color palette being updated and it looked much more vibrant. The circles now interlocked with the name being given a slight tilt. The same thing was in effect until 2016, with the interlocking lines becoming thicker and the colors becoming bolder. The current logo consists of the circles overlapping one another with an orange tint in the center as the colors are being mixed. There is no name, but this is no longer necessary, as everyone knows Mastercard and it can be found regardless of where you are. Mastercard let’s players deposit on gaming sites, however they have restricted withdrawals.


EcoPayz is well-known for its signature shade of neon green that’s used on the company website and the logo. Speaking of the logo, it consists of the company name being split by the syllables, with different colors used on each one. ‘eco’ is a shade of white, with ‘Payz’ consisting of the same neon green that can be found on the website. There’s also a green stroke over the start of the logo. The logo once consisted of a blue ‘eco’ but this quickly changed once the company started to take off. This e-wallet is widely accepted and used in the gaming world.

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