Do whitening strips work ?

by Carter Toni

There are many products available within the pharmacy markets that will claim that they can help you in whitening your teeth and the truth is “yes” they do work but they’re not as long-lasting as the in-office dental whitening techniques. The products in the market help in whitening teeth by a shade or two but they do come with side effects and risks such as sensitivity and gum irritation.

Whitening strips can whiten teeth

There are two chemicals named hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide which help in bleaching the stains. These strips penetrate the upper layer named enamel and enter the deeper layer where chromogens are bleached. These chromogens are pigment molecules that are present inside our mouth and cause staining. The stains that are found in teeth can be categorized into two categories:

  1. Extrinsic staining:

This staining affects the outside of the tooth and is caused by environmental factors like:

  1. smoking
  2. drinking dark-colored food
  • antibiotics
  1. exposure to metal such as iron or copper
  2. Intrinsic staining

This type of staining affects the inside of the tooth-

  1. Age-related enamel erosion
  2. genetics
  • antibiotics
  1. exposure to high-level fluoride
  2. tooth development disorder

Whitening strips can target both types of staining-

With the help of such strips, stains caused by aging, genetics, and smoking yellowish aging can be removed nicely. These strips can also happen to do a touch-up to the color of your teeth.

If you want drastic changes, you need to consider professional whitening from Teeth Whitening Services Farmington Hills that uses strong bleaches and can customize the treatment according to the requirement.

Importance of ingredients:

Hydrogen peroxide or carbonate peroxide are the most common ingredients used in home whitening strips and the strips used at salons and cruise ships have chlorine dioxide. There are many steps to use hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient online.

Time taken for the result

The strips vary according to the brand and their instructions can also be different. In general, these trips need to be used twice a day for two weeks and needed to leave for around 30 minutes. Tooth lightening can be seen in several days in which teeth have been lightened by a shade or two. Some strips needed to be applied only once per day giving the same result.



Risks and precautions:

These whitening products can only whiten your original teeth, not crowns, bridges, or implants. In general, no major damage occurred by using the strips. Mild sensitivity and gum irritation start occurring on the day of treatment and last for several days. The risks and side effects increase with the concentration of peroxide in whitener and also the time you leave them, says Teeth Whitening Farmington Hills. High chemicals cause loss of calcium and minerals known as demineralization.

Maintaining white teeth-

Follow these good habits and avoid staining of tooth:

  1. Limit consumption of staining food like coffee, red wine, dark berries, and sodas.
  2. Using a straw helps in avoiding the direct contact of drinks with teeth
  3. Brush and floss prevent your teeth from decaying and other issues causing discoloration
  4. Eating plenty of calcium makes your teeth strong and reduce cavities
  5. Limit the consumption of sugary food products. Acid is produced by harmful bacteria after reacting with This acid breaks down your teeth and leads to food decay.
  6. Ignore smoking and other tobacco products as they leave yellowish stains because of the presence of nicotine in tobacco and after some time teeth start to look brown.
  7. Whitening products can only be used to touch up. This is not a permanent solution for minor discoloration.

These teeth whitening products can be used as an emergency backup that too only after consulting your dentist this product will lighten your teeth by one or two shades whose effect can be seen after a few days of treatment. But if you are dealing with significant staining, visit Dentist Farmington Hills for in office cleaning

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