Destinations Recommendation to Visit in Singapore

by Carter Toni

Who doesn’t know Singapore? A country that is well-known with the head of a lion. This country is located between Malaysia and Indonesia, which makes Singapore a tropical country with the sun lighting its place every day in every year. However, did you know? Singapore is known as one of the most impactful countries through the economy of Southeast Asia, especially because it has become a place with various free trade agreements or FTA. This condition makes Singapore always busy, both in the day and at night.

There are so many people coming to Singapore for business trips, and somehow it makes Singapore full of different overnight accommodations, both from the cheapest one to the exclusive one. Some of the recommended hotels in Singapore include Andaz Singapore or Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay. You can find and book these hotels immediately online through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. In Traveloka, there will be lots of deals and promotions you can find.

Since Singapore is always busy, there are so many destinations and attractions you can visit during your tight schedules in Singapore. Here are some recommended destinations you can visit during your time in Singapore.

Universal Studio Singapore

Everyone loves theme parks! In Singapore, you can visit the first and only Universal Studios in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singapore, or known as USS. I am pretty sure you are going to love this place! There are many things you can do and create memorable experiences with your loved ones at Universal Studio Singapore. Some of the activities you can find in Universal Studio Singapore such as shows, attractions, street entertainment, dining, meet & greet, and many more.

It feels like you are in your dreamland. At Universal Studio Singapore, you can meet with your favorite characters in cartoons or movies and take a warm picture with them. There are also live performances while you are walking around here. You can also shop in Universal Studio Singapore. Buy merchandise from Universal Studios Singapore, and surely the originality is guaranteed.

Gardens by the Bay

Here, where you can find all of the plant kingdoms that usually only you can see on the television or movies. Garden by the Bay, home for thousands or even millions of plants around the world. This gorgeous garden consists of three areas, including Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. Bay South is an area that is full of florals around the world that never stop blooming during the year. Every day, there will be different flowers blooming. It’s like a paradise of the beauty and diversity of different plants in the world.

The other garden on Garden by the Bay is Bay East. Do you love green? Well, this area is for you. Bay East is full of palm trees and has three waterfront gardens ready to welcome you. You will be amazed at the stunning view of Singapore from above. Bay East is suitable for those of you who love calm energy with beautiful scenery. The last one is Bay Central, the heart of Gardens by the Bay. Bay Central is a link between Bay South and Bay East. In here, you can also see a beautiful 3km waterfront there.

Besides Universal Studios Singapore and Gardens by the Bay, there are still so many great destinations you can visit in Singapore, such as the Singapore National Stadium, Marina Bay, beaches, Sentosa Island full of attractive attractions, and many more.

By any chance you have a plan to visit Singapore, don’t forget to book your dream room hotel through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. You will be surprised with the deals and promo you can find there.

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