Secrets Of gambling In 2022. How To Be A Good Gambler

by Carter Toni


How to be a successful gambler

Edward O. Thorp is a Doctor of Mathematical Sciences from the USA and the best gambler in the world. With the help of counting cards, he won more than once in the online casino. He wrote about this in the book “Beat the Dealer”, which has become a popular guide for most successful gamblers.

Have you ever wondered why gambling becomes a source of income for some players, while for others it is a disappointment and a loss of finances and time? At first glance, there may not be a difference between them. All the players build some logical chains and win back the distances. Often, the difference between them lies in the following simple 9 key qualities.


This is what distinguishes a weak player from a successful gambler. Patience is one of the gambling secrets. The inability to wait patiently for the right moments and losing chances in the right cases ruined a lot of players.

Gambling is a process with negative mathematical expectations. Only through competent actions and avoiding mistakes, the player wins. But for this, you need to be able to play strictly the moves calculated in advance.

The other side of patience is the ability to stick to the strategy.


This is no less significant quality. Of course, it is strictly necessary for any player who wants to become successful. You need to train at the gaming tables in a disciplined manner. Play every day regardless of other difficulties. You also need to know when to interrupt the session.

Some even make up their match schedule, detailing its duration and number of sessions. We can say that a player with strong discipline and having certain patients will have no problems.

Target installation

Besides patience and discipline, look at things philosophically. To an experienced player, individual losses and winnings don’t matter. It is essential for players the profit at a distance and a positive mathematical expectation.

Even a plus game does not imply a constant and smooth increase in income. Determine the goals to achieve and make specific calculations. Then you need to follow these rules in a disciplined manner and follow your target.

Analytical thinking

The gambler must have developed analytical skills. Apply them not only during the game but also outside. Try to analyze matches and the general trend. That is why constant analysis and analytical thinking are one secret.

The good news is that everyone can successfully train and develop it. All this will eventually give you a noticeable advantage over your rivals.

Analytical thinking can train and develop.

  • solve logic puzzles because logic is the main method for analytical thinking;
  • solve mathematical examples;
  • solve crosswords;
  • solve puzzles;
  • play chess;
  • read books;
  • analyze situations from everyday life;
  • learn something new every day;

Ability and desire to learn

Without a strong theoretical base, your game will be inefficient and unprofitable. In addition, strategies are constantly strengthening, being supplemented, and changing. So you need to constantly develop.

Try not just to read a certain amount of information, but also to work on it. Conduct your calculations, calculations, and analytics. Even if you are 100% sure of the correctness and relevance of the material, such work will help you learn and understand new information faster.

Decide on your target

Without a goal it makes little sense. Before you gamble, set an obvious purpose for not being disappointed. Some people place bets for fun.

Some people care more about the process of the game than about winning. Successful gamblers also play in virtual gambling establishments. Such players earn money through gambling.

Use game strategies

The gamer must use a professional gambler strategy during the game. If you stick to a variety of strategies and techniques, you can increase your chances of winning. We recommend is to test the effectiveness of the chosen strategy on demo games.

You can test yourself in the best crypto gambling sites without registration. All slots are from reliable and proven developers. Here, the player will keep his own money. Usually, beginners place bets thoughtlessly and randomly, which leads to the loss of the game deposit.

Manage your bankroll competently

Even a solid gaming pot will end if you treat the game irresponsibly. Never play for the last money, because there is always a risk of losing.

Make minimal bets so that you can win back. It is unnecessary to use the money won to make other bets. We recommend withdrawing this amount immediately.

Learn to manage yourself

Overly emotional people cannot realize themselves in online gambling. Being in an excited state, a gambler can commit rash actions. Learn to control your emotions to avoid significant mistakes.


Gambling has been and continues to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Usually, it is preferred by those who are not indifferent to the excitement. But there is a category of people who play them for money.

Sure more those who couldn’t live without thrills, risk, and adrenaline. To get the most out of the game and be generously rewarded financially for the results got, you need to follow gambling techniques.

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