Everything to know about surf camps

by Carter Toni

Everything to know about surf camps

Costa Rica is a rainforested and rugged country in Central America with coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. According to an article, Costa Rica is one of the popular surfing destinations across the globe. As per data from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, 70 per cent who entered the country between 2016 and 2018 chose beaches as the prime destination. After all, Costa Rica is more than a surfer’s paradise. Plus, you can surf all around the year. So, you can type “Costa Rica surf resort” on your Google search engine and find the best surf camps to fulfil your surf dreams. Well, a surf camp or a surf hotel has risen to be a new trend in the surf world. You can ensure that these camps are an exciting and ideal solution, even if you are an advanced or a beginner surfer. So, if you want to learn about surf camps, you can read further and learn about them.

What is a surf camp?

You can attain packages that include a community vibe, surf lessons, accommodation, and food in a surf camp. Well, it is more than just a hangout club for professional surfers. You can ensure that you will be provided with an unforgettable and unique experience with the surf travelling packages. You can give surfing a go and gain a perfect experience.

How to choose the best surf camp?

Since there are many options, choosing a surf camp that will meet your travel and surf goals can be challenging. Read further and gain some tips to choose the best surf camp.

  1. Start with the accommodation standard: When choosing a surf camp, the first and foremost thing to look for is the standards of accommodation. You must ensure that it suits your needs. Surf camps must be comfortable and provide you with a great stay.
  2. Reviews about the surf lessons: You can find hundreds of reviews about various surf camps all over the internet. You can also make sure that the surf instructors are ISA certified. It means that they will be well-prepared to instruct you on your surfing journey.
  3. Sustainability efforts: You must choose a surf camp that is close to the ocean and helps Mother Earth by reducing carbon footprints. In a nutshell, they must be committed to sustainability efforts.

What are the benefits of attending a surf camp?

Surfing is an outdoor activity with many health benefits. It can increase your cognitive performance, improve sleep and cardiovascular health. For sure, you might be wondering about the advantages of attending a surf camp. So, you can read further to know more.

  1. Beginners will learn to surf: Having an instructor is crucial for beginners. You can ensure that the instructor will be at your side to give feedback and tips. Additionally, they will help you to correct your techniques and posture. If you want to grasp your surfing lessons well, you must take these lessons at least five days in a row. Some surf camps allow you to use their equipment to practise surfing on your own outside the lessons.
  2. Advanced surfers gain guidance: You can find surf camps for advanced surfers in Costa Rica too. You can type “Costa Rica surf resort” on your Google search engine to learn more about such camps. The experienced local guides will definitely take you to the best waves and secret surf spots by checking the forecast.
  3. Surf camps are cost-efficient: Surf camps are budget-friendly and versatile since the accommodation, surf lessons and rental equipment are taken care of. Hence, you can ensure the quality of your stay along with the quality of the lessons.
  4. Embrace new experiences: If you have not surfed before, it means that you can embrace new experiences by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.Furthermore, you will get to be a part of the surf community and meet interesting and like-minded people.

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