Planning the Big Day: An Ultimate Groom’s Guide

by Carter Toni

An Ultimate Groom's Guide

Wedding is now a day all about soft tones and pretty blooms. It is like men have no role even though both bride and groom have equal parts. A wedding reflects the taste, personality and styles of them and there are plenty of ideas to make this day a special one. A wedding in Sydney is most people’s dream as it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has mixed types of landscapes. It has gorgeous beaches as an attraction and also lush green meadows. There are many options to improve the fun and uniqueness of the day, from wedding planners to custom wedding suits in Sydney. Planning a wedding in Sydney makes the day more memorable, and do not delay! Book the tickets and fly to Australia.

Here are some tips for the bridegroom to make the day unforgettable. Read the article more to get some minimal and gentlemanly ideas that give a unique identity to the celebration.

1) Bloom Buttonholes

There are many options for custom wedding suits in Sydney. Customising the wedding suit will help to exhibit the groom’s fashion sense. Also, it makes the day more special and unique. Bloom buttonholes have a significant role in wedding suits. There are a variety of things used for buttonholes, from flowers to pink cabbage rose. Use pine cones for a change which gifts a variety of looks. Feathers, berries, succulents and thistles are also good options to give more masculine touch.

2) A customised bar

Have a dedicated bar that contains a cigar station and coffee, cheese, doughnuts, and cheese. If it is a personalised station, it is more fun. What is more, fun than enjoying sharing a cigar or a coffee at the end of the big day? Won’t it be breaking the cliches by making a bar of doughnuts and coffees?

3) A change in a cocktail

The usual cocktail offering hours has become a cliche in weddings. Since it is a trend, for now, there is no option rather than follow it. But will it be more fun if there is a beverage counter for guests to taste the groom’s choices? Add a white Russian, a mango margarita, a ginger gin fizz, a beer handy and a rhubarb mojito to the list. It is going to be real fun! 

4) Music

Planning the playlist is fun if the bride and groom decide it together. It is not an easy task to choose the music for the day, and it is also essential to take the opinions of both the bride and groom. Have some research and find a bit of novel music. A ukulele collective, a bluegrass band, or a jazz trio are some suggestions to consider.

5) Personalised food choice

Include the favourite food choices of the bride and groom on the menu. Let them be vocal about the tastes on the day. Some suggestions for a late-night menu are mini steak starters and chip butties. Try pizza and sliders too. Try to add traditional flavours to the menu. BBQs and hog roasts are good options too. Let the food truck include chorizo charcuterie, petit fours and smoked salmon blinis too.

6) Temporary Tattoo counter

To extend the fun of the day to another level, set up a temporary tattoo bar. Add some simple styles and classical colours to the list. Customised shapes for the wedding will be fun.

Author bio: Sylvia James is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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