Facebook Engagement: A Guide to Boost Brand Marketing on FB

by Carter Toni

Facebook reigns as one of the most vastly used platforms. Majority of the people are using it daily, which is continuously providing the brands and businesses an opportunity to maximize their visibility online. It is the largest social networking site, which enables heretofore unheard-of avenues of communication. Businesses are able to reach their audiences so easily and it never happened before. Well, that however also means any business cannot go without a clear marketing plan. A business plan that is flexible enough to evolve with changing business trends.

A Guide to Boost Brand Marketing on FB

One thing you always need to keep in mind is that Facebook is a platform that changes rapidly. Facebook engagement looked totally different just a few years ago, now it is changing all the time. Sometimes is frustrating to keep a track of changing trends as it is constantly changing of its own rules. Be it anything, Facebook still remains an essential tool for brands’ marketing strategies to move forward.

Let’s talk about why Facebook engagement matters? 

Facebook most commonly known as FB defines its engagement in one way only i.e. fingers clicking specific buttons. Facebook has five ways to make people engage in your post. Those five are liking the post, leaving a comment, sharing with other, watching the post and clicking on the link. If people are not engaging with your post in at least one of five ways, then according to the Facebook standards, it is not an engagement. Now you may be thinking what does non-engagement look like? Here are things you should know.

Reading the update: So, this involves making an update creative and crafting the perfect status to engage them.

Viewing images: One of the best ways to grab attention is through infographics, inspirational quotes, photos, etc. However, people just seeing them and not reacting does not constitute engagement.

Clicking on the image: If anybody has posted a photo that is not linked to a specific site, the image will only open in a bigger screen, that’s it. And, for Facebook, it doesn’t count it as fan engagement.

Liking the business page: Yes, you read that right. Any person only liking a page doesn’t affect engagement. Engagement is only counted when they like specific posts.

Knowing about Facebook Algorithms

There is only one thing that revolves around marketer’s mind that is getting more engagement for brands on Facebook. We know that Facebook has changed over the years, so there is an importance to study the Facebook algorithm. Because the posts that gather more engagement are more likely to be favored by the algorithm. So, algorithms are the little things that get you more attention. It is simply a brand strategy and a good command over the entire concept of marketing online.

Facebook Post Types to engage customers

Facebook marketing is directly involved with the content posting. Without proper content, your Facebook business page will only look like a source of information for people, who are already aware of your brand. And, the page will be no different than any other websites. So, you should always publish and share quality content on Facebook as you are extending your reach into the ocean of Facebook’s users. It is only because of the content that users discover if they may choose or not choose to like your Page or continue the relationship.

Posting on FB Page

Just writing something on the wall won’t help in engaging the customers. Your posts should be attractive and creative to grab the attention of users. Below mentioned are some of the ways to engage your customers on Facebook page.

1. Images: Images grab attention more than the post on Facebook. Facebook posts with images get more engagement than those without only posts. You can simply post the image by clicking the “Photo/Video”. And, keeping image sizes handy will help to understand social-media better. Here this is for you. There are a few types of images with their own size specifications are given below:

  • Cover Photo: 820 x 312
  • Timeline image: 1200 x 630
  • Profile Picture: 180 x 180

2. Links: The easiest way to populate your Facebook Page with content is by sharing the blog posts you publish. Of course not every blog post, but instead, one which will resonate with your Facebook audience and hopefully will get shared by your followers.

3. Video: The current trend that has been adopted by almost every business. Video is the best option to express your brand, especially considering that now the Facebook algorithm prioritizes both live video and longer videos. Make a video in adaptable format, add a title, tags, and some text to your post and you are good to go.

4. Live on Facebook: Facebook live is doing wonders in creating the business. It is an option given by Facebook to explore multimedia content. It allows a live-streaming and any brand would be able to form authentic relationships with their followers.

When to post for optimal customer engagement?

Now that you know what type of content you should post, the question comes when should you post it? Well, you won’t believe that savvy marketing gurus have dedicated a lot of time in getting the answer to this question. This is because, altering the time of day to post content can do wonders. Posting on the correct time on the day is definitely lot easier than posting the new video every time. Now we need to know when engagement on the Facebook page could be highest. According to the data, any post coming online between 9 pm and 11 pm experiences the highest levels of engagement. And, this is measured by the shares and likes on the page. Brand should focus on publishing on Sundays as it appear to be the best day of the week for posts. Weekdays generally offer 20% lower engagement than weekends


In the coming years, we can anticipate that we will be seeing new trends coming in. Facebook has made it clear that if engagement you need the customers to engage, the content should be perfect. So take some time to do your own Facebook engagement analysis.

What are your predictions related to Facebook engagement?

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