20 Top Board Games, Favorite of All Friends Groups

by Carter Toni

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Board games are favorite for all friends groups, of all ages. Starting from a kid to an octogenarian, board games are the pet past times for a group of friends. Let us discuss about a few of them here.

Scrabble – Rs 575/


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You can have it for Rs 575/ only. It is a game for those who love literature and are experts in words. It sharpens your vocabulary and you can score points with your literary skills.

Players Needed – 2 to 4

Age Group- 8 years onwards

Average time taken for a game- 50 to 60 minutes

Snakes & Ladders and Ludo

Snakes & Ladders and Ludo

(Image: © Funskool / Tenor)

Very common board games for all age groups, costing you Rs 169 and Rs 399 respectively. These games are globally popular, which originated in India.

Players Needed- 2 to 4

Age Group – 4 years onwards

Average time taken for a game- 15 to 45 minutes

Settlers of Catan – Rs 2699/

Settlers of Catan

(Image: © Mayfair / Tenor)


This game will cost you Rs 2699/– only. Catan is a super fun board game and the players become addicted to it. You build settlements and trade resources with other players. It is a collaborative, yet competitive game.

Players Needed- 3 to 4 players in a team and minimum 3 teams.

Age Group – 10 years and above

Time taken for a game- 60 to 120 minutes

Joking Hazard – Rs 1400

Joking Hazard

(Image: © Joking / Tenor)

This game will cost you Rs 1400/-. This game is from the makers of hit web comic Cyanide and Happiness. This game is not for kids. Players build funny and terrible comics about violence, sex, friendship and everything else.

Players needed – 3 to 19

Age group- Adults only

Time taken for a game – 30 to 90 minutes

Cards against Humanity – Rs 1799/

Cards against Humanity

(Image: © Cards Against / Tenor)

This game is priced at Rs 1799/.  It is known as a party game for horrible people and is an adult’s only game. It is a provocative and hilarious game where the players fill in the blank.

Players Needed- 3 to 20+

Age Group- Adults Only

Time needed- 30 to 90 minutes on an average.

The Resistance Avalon – Rs 1750/

The Resistance Avalon

(Image: © Indie Boards / Tenor)

This game will cost you Rs 1750/. This game pits forces of good and evil against each other, in a battle that controls the future of civilization.

Players Needed- 5 to 10

Age Group- 13 years onwards

Average time taken for a game – 30 minutes

Social Humour – Rs 1100/

Social Humour

(Image: © Social Humour / Tenor)

This game is priced at Rs 1100/ for you. It is known as the Indian version of Cards against Humanity. The social humour in the game is extremely Adults only humour. It is borderline, offensive, hilarious, game of fill in the blanks for your friends.

Players needed- 3 to 20+

Age Group- Adults only

Time needed- 30 to 90 minutes.

Carcassonne – Rs 3489/


(Image: © Z-Man Games / Tenor)

This game costs Rs 3489/. Here the players build the area surrounding a medieval city one tile at a time. This game edition has two expansions. One is the River and the other is the Abbot.

Players Needed- 2 to 5

Age Group- * years onwards

Time needed – 45 minutes for a game.

Mafia – Rs 2570/-


(Image: © Apostrophe Games / Tenor)

This game is prices at Rs 2570/. It is a game of lying, bluffing and deceit. Players are secretly assigned the role of Mafia or Civilians. They do their best to eliminate the other team. It has a deluxe edition that has 47 unique roles on 84 role cards.

Players Needed- 7+

Age Group- 13+

Time- 15 to 30 minutes for a game.

Escape Room in a Box – Rs 3479/

Escape Room in a Box

(Image: © Escape Room / Tenor)

It is costing you Rs 3479/. It is an immersive cooperation game. Everyone in this game is after the same route to escape. This can be done by solving mental and physical puzzles, within a limited time. Otherwise a mad scientist will turn the players into werewolves. Players can also connect the game to Amazon Alexa.

Players Needed- 2+

Age Group- 13 years onwards

Time needed – 60 minutes

Carrom – Rs 3998/


(Image: © Monex Carrom / Tenor)

This board game will cost you Rs 3998/ only. It is a very popular Indian Cue board game.

Players Needed- 2 to 4

Age Group- 5 years onwards

Time Needed – 15 minutes to 60 minutes to finish a game.

Jenga – Rs 390/

Funskool Jenga

(Image: © Giphy.com / Tenor)

This game costs Rs 390/ only. It is a laid back stacking game that is nail biting. The players have to stack the blocks into a tower, without letting it fall down.

Players Needed- 1 or more

Age Group- 6 years onwards

Time taken- 5 to 15 minutes

Cluedo – Rs 447/


(Image: © Funskool / Amazon)

This game is priced at Rs 447/ for you. It is a classic who done it murder mystery game. Here the players have to identify the murders among them only.

Players Needed- 3 to 6

Age Group- 8 years onwards

Time taken- 15 to 60 minutes

Playing Cards – Rs 568/

Playing Cards

(Image: © Bicycle Playin / Amazon)

It may cost you Rs 568/ and more, depending on the quality. Set of classic playing cards is used to play a wide range of games

Players Needed- 1 to 4

Age Groups 18 years onwards

Time needed- Depends on the game being played.

Taboo – Rs 1313/

Taboo Board Game

(Image: © Hasbro Games / Amazon)

This game costs Rs 1313/ and is a fun game. It challenges you to guess words and phrases.

Players Needed- 2 or more.

Age Group- 13 years onward

Time taken- 5 to 15 minutes 

Tsuro – Rs 2936/


(Image: © Calliope Games / Amazon)

It is also known as the Game of Path. It costs you Rs 2936/. It is a game based on Asian theme. It is a tile laying game with constantly changing paths. The player who stays on the board, wins.

Players Needed- 2 to 8

Age Group- 8 years onwards

Time needed- 15 to 29 minutes

Monopoly – Rs 506/

Monopoly game

(Image: © Funskool Monopoly / Amazon)

This game is priced at Rs 506/ only. It is a very popular, wheeling and dealing board game.

Players Needed- 2 to 8

Age Group- 8 years onwards

Time taken- I to 10 hours

Codenames – Rs 1595/


(Image: © Czech Games / Amazon)

It is priced at Rs 1595/ and the players are split into two rival spy teams. One of them is an assassin and one is a double agent. You are only aware of the codenames of people in your team and you have to guess, which spy belongs to your team.

Players Needed- 2 to 8+

Age Group- 14 years onwards

Time needed- 15 minutes

Uno – Rs 129/


(Image: © Mattel Uno / Amazon)

It is a game costing you Rs 129/ only. It is a simple shedding type card game where you get rid of all your cards before the other players.

Players Needed- 2 to 10

Age Group- 7 years plus

Time taken- 10 minutes flat 

Mariner’s Wooden Chess Board – Rs 419/

Mariner’s Wooden Chess Board

(Image: © MARINER’S / Amazon)

It is a multicolor, 10 inches by 1o inches board game, costing you Rs 419/ only. It is the best of Indian artistry and craftsmanship in this game. It is durable and pocket friendly game, made of high quality wood.

Players need- 1 to 2

Age Group- 4 years onwards

Time Needed- Unlimited.

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